I'm a Putin
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Paper Putin Build your own paper toys craze is sweeping the globe. Some examples include flying pigs, sushi classes, and discovering photography. But my favorite is the Glue Yourself a Putin.
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More paper toy goodness can be found in this thread. These are pretty cool; thanks.
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Fun post wiggles. I love paper art of all kinds.

The juicy tidbits on EnglishRussia.com rock. That site is packed with eye popping stuff. Wish they'd credit the people who came up with the ideas or from whose sites they took the tidbits though.

The readymech 3D cut and fold creatures on your "Build your own paper toys" second link are really nice. Love the "Impatience" one on your 4th link.

Another 3D political paper artist, Thoki Yenn, was "arrested by the German Gestapo and put into prison in the Town of Silkeborg, for having made Caricatures of Hitler and Mussolini." Thoki survived and went on to become a well known origamist (his term), as told on the excellent BritishOrigami site. Check out his hyperbolic paraboloid hat.
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I've recently been finding papercraft sections on various japanese sites for video games, for example here's some papercraft models from Okami and here are some (at the bottom) for Ico. There may well be more knocking around as well.
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I, for one, despise EnglishRussia.com. Their m.o. is to take posts from Russian LiveJournals, Blogs, and Forums, crappily translate them and slap google adwords all over them.

They rarely so much as mention their sources, and never link to them. I have never seen an englishrussia.com post with a single outbound link in it. Fuck that.
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Do you have any suggestions for alternatives to EnglishRussia.com ?

I agree it's pretty shitty to not mention sources.
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I occasionally see awesome links to Russian LJs, but on the whole their side of the internet is pretty separated from the one I inhabit. I wish people didn't like to play gatekeeper.
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