Terminator vs. Robocop
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Alien vs. Predator? *Yawn* Freddy vs. Jason? *Puh-leeze* For true ass-kicking video mashup fun, I'll take Terminator vs. Robocop. [Part 2]
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When I was a kid I had a terminator vs. robocop comic. It was part of a three part series, but I never got the third issue. At the end, of the second comic, robocop turns himself into a virus and uploads himself into skynet, and waits. Comming back to life later.
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Did somebody say Robocop vs. Terminator?
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Awe. Some.
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Faint of Butt: thanks for remembering me of that crappy game. Anyone have ever played Alien Vs Predator (not the FPS - which was very cool - I'm talking about the awful SNES game)?
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Loved the genesis game, and loved the video. Thanks :)
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See also, Robocop vs. Neo.
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Robocop vs Jesus
(This one is about ten years old)
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I think he said, "Oil can."
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I see a more provocative question about the natural order of evolution. Endoskeleton vs. Exoskeleton - mammals vs insects. Survival of the fittest; you can see it in both of their fiery desires to reproduce near the end. Very touching. I think this is what Darwin had nightmares about.

As a side note, I love the fact that both the Terminator and Robocop explode in the Predator's bomb blast for the simple fact that neither can run at more than 2 mph and, like zombies, could easily be overcome by the judicious use of say... a tricycle.
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I thought that the job they did with mixing the soundtrack was really great. Love the cameo.
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Nice editing job, all around but... YAWN... the violence depicted is so '80's.

You'd think that we'd have learned something by now – it is useless and stupid to dehumanize your enemies in such a way because it usually comes back to bite you in the ass (see Muslim extremists, wanna-be cowboy Korean dictators, etc.). There's nothing to be gained from that sort of telescopy or machine fantasy.

What else? There are no protagonists in that movie for anyone to identify with. Sure, I felt badly that Peter Weller seemed to be getting his ass whipped during the first cuple of melees with Arnold there, but it's really difficult for me to identify with either one of them. They need a Sarah Conner or an Officer Lewis to identify with, otherwise, it's just 'Robot Wars' without the creator profiles.
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But vhsiv, things were exploding. Did you not see the things exploding?
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Frickin sublime.

But where was The Wheel?
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Hipster vs. Frat boy vs. Evolutionary Psychology.
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I'd buy that for a dollar!
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what're you kidding me? Frank Miller man.
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How's about Batman Vs. The Joker Vs. Predator Vs. Aliens: The Movie?

Spoiler (ROT-13):

Bxnl, fb gur Wbxre vfa'g ernyyl irefhf nalbar orpnhfr ur qvrf evtug bss. Fb fhr zr.
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BTW, the biggest cheat ever for the Genesis game...

A turbo-fire controller. Walked right through it.
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Samizdata - Agh! Beat me to it!

Great video. The Robocop theme is still one of my favorite film ... uh, what do you call the melodic center of a composition?
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It is pretty sad that movie fight scenes are pretty much all shot and edited the same, so that you can take shots from different fights and edit them together in this fashion. In most films the shots are so rapid that you can't really see what is happening during the fights.
Come on Hollywood, we want to linger on the violence.
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AndrewStephens, there was actually quite a lot of extra work in that beyond just cutting it together. The colour was graded to match the multiple films and quite a lot of compositing of the characters into the frame...

Loved it. Was nice to see every Terminator movie represented in the clip.
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Majin Buu could kick all their asses.
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Go team, go!
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Alien vs Predator? Nah, Alien
loves Predator.

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Hollywood relies on formulas? Nahhhhhhhh. That's just a cliché.
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I still think Buffy versus Godzilla would be pretty good. I'd really like to see Predator versus Blair Witch. Maybe John McClane versus Batman, too.
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Second brundlefly: awe & then some.
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This was the awesomest thing I'll see all day.
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That was one of the best of this style of mashup I've seen. I'll second slimepuppy - a lot of work went into that. Really pretty seamless compositing on a number of shots.
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Sorry, I was criticizing Hollywood's formulaic fight scene editing, not this particular film, which is as others have said, quite excellent.
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