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Bob Dylan recites "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" Dylan reads the Christmas classic from his radio show.
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can't wait for the dr. suess series.
posted by ms.jones at 9:23 PM on February 15, 2007

I'm an unabashed Dylan fan, still I was rather underwhelmed with this. Maybe if you'd posted it around, y'know, Christmastime...
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Sounds fake to me. That isn't to say it is, but it sounds it.
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Hurricane live
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that's from a 1975 PBS special.
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That moustache needs to get a little bit longer and then we can reasonably start referring to him as Salvador Dylan.
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It's not fake, dobbs. It's the real deal--and you can tell because a fake one would do that over-exaggerated thing that every Dylan impersonater seems to be stuck on.
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Don't forget the King's version of Old MacDonald.
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I'm just waiting for some pedant to point out that the title is really "A Visit From St. Nicholas."

Nevermind, I guess one just did.

Anyway, still pretty cool. I ususally try to catch his show but somehow missed this; I hope to hear it again next year and share it with my daughter.
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As long as we are talking about the poem (which has enough of a history complete with disputed authorship to make for an interesting FPP on its own) I found it interesting to note that in one of the (aimed at younger kids) versions we have around the house, the lines
"The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth,
And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath;"
were expunged. My wife and I found that a little annoying, especially as there was no clue we had an abridged version on our hands.
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I have this mp3 of Dinu Lipatti playing Chopsticks, it's a hoot
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I'm creeped out by the thought of Dylan watching me as I sleep.
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Separated at birth?

(sorry, I know that joke has whiskers)
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Dylan rules - suck it hataz.

How cool would it be if half the world talked like Bobby D. and the other half sounded like Tom Waits? We'd still be fucked up, but we'd sound so cool.
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Until the throat cancer got us, that is.
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"It's bizarre enough that Bob Dylan has his own XM satellite radio show, but this clip of the singer reciting "The Night Before Christmas" is almost too much to handle."

I don't know… I've been listening to Dylans radio show and it's up there with This American Life as the best I've ever heard. His interesting background anecdotes for each song only enhance the listening experience. He plays lot's of great underplayed/unknown stuff from all over the map, sticks with the theme, makes it fun. He's genuinely funny and seems to be having a great time. It's everything that radio hasn't been for a long time. Well, at least mainstream radio which is just soul-crushingly awful as well as identical across the board in the US.

Yes, I know. It's not exactly mainstream radio if it's on XM, but he's a very mainstream artist, so, anyway…

Maybe Dylan's show is "bizarre" if you haven't listened to it, but after one episode I would find it hard for anyone not to get that he simple loves music and want's people to hear the music he loves. It's so pure and perfect I could cry! I hope when he get's burned out he doesn't just quit and instead calls up other great artists to guest host episodes. I would love to hear a Tom Waits episode among many others.
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I totally agree with you. Dylan is an American original, a true student of American music, and an excellent radio host. His love for, and knowledge of, the music is obvious and captivating. The best music show on radio, hands down.
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Disregard all those typo's! [Dylan's, lots, simply, wants, gets,] Sorry!
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Is this just a badly converted mp3, or does his radio show sound overdriven like that all the time? It sounds like the mic is in a hollowed out tooth. I don't recall any other XM programming sounding like that.

You would think someone who's been around a mic as long as he has would be able to recognize a proper level. And I'm sure he has a technician running the board, not him.

What gives?
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Bad copy.
posted by Benny Andajetz at 9:51 AM on February 16, 2007

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