Unmarked planes and Hidden Geographies
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An interesting project from the latest Vectors Journal. "Legend has it that Paglen, who has been called the Fox Mulder of cultural geography, was personally instrumental in provoking the military to extend the perimeter around Area 51 by several miles in an attempt to thwart one of his counter-surveillance efforts" [via]
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He's also the author of an interesting book on our government's secret air force.
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Thanks, twsf. He mentions the rendition program briefly on the Desert Rock page. How the planes actually get there is talked about on the flight procedures page.
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Interestingly, Microsoft's Flight Simulator X has a mission where you fly from Vegas to Groom Lake. The air traffic controller procedure is similar to whats mentioned here, (wink wink, nudge nudge,) and has the added bonus of getting buzzed by UFOs on the way in.
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I'm grateful for the link to Vectors alone. Thanks!
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cool post, thanks.
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