Dylan was a poseur
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Nueva Cañcion: Starting in Chile in the 50's and spreading through Latin America through the 60's and 70's, Nueva Cañcion celebrated liberation movements, and took inspiration from indigenous folk music traditions as well as the international folk revival of the time. Listen to some audio examples and watch a few videos on youtube.
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Actually, I probably should have said "inspired the international folk revival"
posted by serazin at 2:30 PM on February 18, 2007

Nice! I did a post about Victor Jara on MoFi a while back, and other people added some other video goodness in the comments there.
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Great post! I love this music; I've been listening to it in some form or another since I was a kid, when my Argentinian second grade teacher would sing these songs to us (he was really just singing to impress our gorgeous first-grade teacher; it worked, and they married when I was in fifth grade). This really brings me back, thanks, serazin.

Your title is bullshit, though.
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Hope you have a receipt from whoever sold you that bum tilde.
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Your title is bullshit, though.

C'mon! Dylan McKay was such a poseur.
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Great post. More people need to hear about Nueva Cancion - esp Victor Jara and his incredible story. Thanks.
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it's canción, not cañcion.

sorry. i get a bit compulsive where accent marks are concerned.
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I screwed up the enye (or whatever the phonetic spelling is!) Sorry, I was stupidly rushing. Embarrassing!
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I spent a minute trying to pronounce the tilde.
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Very interesting post, serazin - thanks!
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