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Jack's Big Music Show features Nuttin' But Stringz, an extremely talented duo featuring Damien and Tourie Escobar, Julliard-school violinists and brothers who kick out some amazing Hip-hop/R&B tracks. They're most recently featured as an interstitial musical performance on Jack's Big Music Show, my daughter's favorite show on Noggin, a cable channel from Nickelodeon aimed specifically at preschoolers. N.B.S joins other Jack's favorites like Laurie Berkner and the Flaming Lips (who tear up the dance floor with guest singer-songwriter Steve Burns, who you may or may not remember as Steve from Blue's Clues). You don't have to be a preschooler to enjoy the show or the music. N.B.S., in particular, were recently featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Ellen Show, as well as making an appearance at the Apollo Theater. Amazon has some listen links if you want to check them out. The track featured on Noggin is "Thunder".
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The Jack's Big Music Show video that appears when opening the page (your first link) isn't Nuttin'ButStrings, but rather Steve Burns & Steven Drozd's funny little number, "I Hog the Ground". I dunno, maybe the vids are on rotation or something. But anyway, "Hog" is fun: a good 'un for the kiddies, as are lots of the other features on Noggin. (Attention parents: is really a pretty good site... games, videos, etc. And no ads.)
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The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players have also recently appeared on Jack's Big Music Show (previously on Mefi)
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The Jack's Big Music Show video that appears when opening the page (your first link) isn't Nuttin'ButStrings,

The videos actually rotate through all of them, but you can click on the video link for NBS below the playing video itself. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a direct link.
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Man, I watch Noggin with my daughter, and I've thought about working on a post about the Escobar brothers. They blow me away every single time I see them. Thank you so much for putting a great post together!
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I'm checking out the listen links at at amazon (thanks for linking to them in the post) and I love what I'm hearing so much that I'm going to buy this album.

(I only recently became a MeFi memeber after hearing Matt Howie on the most recent boing boing boing podcast. So far links like the ones in this post make me feel like I've come to the best show in town more than a little late. But better late than never.)
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This parent of a two year old not only enjoyed the post, but am overjoyed that there are new epsodes of Jack's Big Music Show (we have all of the first season on DVR and so haven't watched it on Noggin for a while). Thanks, thanoptosis!
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Noggin also occasionally plays my personal favorite: Can you catch the moon, with Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell. My daughter sings along with it, and spins in the middle of the living room. I just sit on the couch and wonder how a dog like me made such a beautiful little critter.
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I learned about Nuttin' But Stringz from Jack's Big Music Show (I've got a 4 year old son) just last week and instantly went to itunes to download everything I could from them.

They're wonderful!
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First the a capella goodness, now this post. I <3 MeFi.
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For the lazy among us who desire instant gratification, here's a youtube link to a live performance.

This is pretty compelling stuff.
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we've also been watching upside down show, featuring the former act 'umbilical brothers'. it's really cool seeing these acts doing quality kid's tv.
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Jack's is the only show we let our two-year-old watch on a daily basis (we have about 20 episodes on dvr rotation). the best include the groundhog day episode with Jon Stewart, and Mel's doggie-bath episode with Cheryl Hines. the music is always good, kid-friendly, adult-entertaining, and the whole thing is just so chock full of brooklyn-y goodness that it makes us feel right at home, even if we're not blue with bright purple hair.
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