February 16, 2001
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Anyone have the inside poop on why Dreamless went black tonight for repairs? Apparently there was some skirmishing and hacking activity earlier in the week. Details anyone?
posted by netbros (10 comments total)
Alright, I'll admit I don't follow dreamless that much, but.. what prompted them to do this? They talk of restoring "purity" or something to that effect..
posted by zempf at 11:43 PM on February 16, 2001

"it's not elitism i think... i see it as a filter"
posted by gluechunk at 12:20 AM on February 17, 2001

OK, I got the hints that were (understandably) deleted. Like zempf, I'm an irregular at Dreamless and was just curious about the instigation. If it's gossip that isn't appropriate, that's fine, but I am worried the same disease may have spread to AListApart. It seems to have been inaccessible for several hours, at least to me. Perhaps it's just swamped with activity because of the seriousness of this week's topic and I'm trying to make something of nothing. Inquisitive minds do wonder sometimes.
posted by netbros at 12:21 AM on February 17, 2001

For anyone who doesn't normally read dreamless (like me) - it's not hard to find out wht happened (out of respect for the dreamless devotees I won't explain), but really, unless you're a devotee it's not that interesting.

Just trying to save you the effort!

posted by andrew cooke at 1:25 AM on February 17, 2001

I have absolutely no idea what Dreamless is, but all this talk has made me a little curious.
posted by xtrmntr at 4:12 AM on February 17, 2001

I asked Matt to remove the hint, as I realised it was inappropriate (that I posted it here,) and definitely not what the guys at Dreamless.org want. So out of respect, the hints were deleted.
posted by riffola at 8:17 AM on February 17, 2001

Stop teasing us. What is this about?
posted by rodii at 9:34 AM on February 17, 2001

FYI, ALA was down because of a power outage at the site that hosts it.
posted by ericost at 9:45 AM on February 17, 2001

It's no big thing.

The rampant stupidity at Dreamless had become, of late, overwhelming - as a one-time frequent reader, the clown factor drove me away more often. Josh Davis posted an announcement that all user names and passwords were going to deleted and, in order to rejoin, one would have to have a valid email address. Additionally, moderators were going to be added to the boards.

As with all things, the drama is subjective.
posted by gsh at 10:22 AM on February 17, 2001

The page is black because it's that rememberance day of those kids that were killed.

Yeah, sure.
posted by holloway at 10:43 AM on February 17, 2001

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