"I am very glad I live where I do, so I don't have to run for my life like this man probably was doing."
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These are links I found a long time ago, and they're all sorta old, but it's nice to know they're available whenever I want a refresher on the physiological implications of travel in an airplane wheelwell, generally because yet another poor dead stowaway has made the news. That first Slate link is short and sweet and sums it up pretty well, but, for those of you who want more details, here is a PDF of an FAA report on the subject.
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Then I wonder if maybe the statistics are skewed because people who survive can escape undetected.

These two did not survive.

This one did.
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I was going to post the same thing, asking how they knew how many there were, given the fact that survivors take it on the lam immediately. Since that's already been done, I'll post a response to the same question: With airport security being what it is, not to mention the grueling effects even if you do survive the flight, I doubt survivors just pop out, grab a taxi and are never heard from again.
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Airport security being what it is?

Unlike in the cabin, if you're in a wheel-well, you can probably bring along a soda and a tube of toothpaste.
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I was struck by the story of the guy from Tahiti who stowed away to Los Angeles.

WTF guy from Tahiti? You've got it backwards.
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Sounds like with a parka, some bottled oxygen, and maybe a climbing harness to tie in, a medium length flight would be quite survivable. The photos of the wheel well in the FAA report aren't very clear - I wonder how the space compares with economy class.
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Was it a JetBlue wheel well? If so maybe he died from boredom after sitting for 10 hours...
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If the stowaway had one of those reflective vests, or could just grab one from an untended vehicle quick enough, they could easily just walk off the airport.
Once you get through the one check point and are on the airplane side of things there is pretty much no further security. At some exits they check you as you leave, but not all of them.
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You'd need a bit than a parka at -40.
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OK, maybe something like the Absolute Zero suit. Of course the cost of one of these is probably the same order of magnitude as a bribe to allow a more comfortable border crossing.
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