Ben and Nate do Asia...
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Ben and Nate do Asia...or does Asia do them? Ben and Nate are a couple of food and wine freaks on a mission from God: to find the best bowl of noodles in Asia...if they survive to tell about it.
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I'm such a gastronoob I couldn't eat a single thing they've written about on that page. Maybe the rice-balled pickle.
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food is the new yoga.
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...we pondered these plastic straws, soon realizing (to everyones delight) that they were provided to facilitate the removal of marrow from bone.

Ooooh. Now why didn't I think of that.
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Oh yes, I've always wanted to try whale but now it's almost like a compulsion to find some whale to ingest.
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Ooooh, I like this. Thanks!

Puppy lover that I am, I'll have to skip over the part where they eat dog, though (if they do decide to). I. can't. deal. Especially since Korean roasted dogs often look shockingly like my beloved little red dachshund/terrier, long tail & all... aaahhhh! Nooooo! :: hugs adorable puppy protectively ::
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porpoise wants to eat whale? is that payback for all the killer whales who've felled your brethern?
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Yeah, but the best part of the marrow is the texture. You can't get it all diluted and liquefied — you gotta get it out in a nice big glob and spread it on something.
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Cool. Thanks.
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goddamn I love eating in Japan. Don't get me started on the orgasmic pleasures of Miso Ramen, Zaru Soba, and that ingenious double wrapped onigiri in the convenience stores.

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Likewise uncut maki rolls, Dantien. The same clever wrap.

What I love is the meat that comes in real ramen. You can also get it in logs at good ramen places. It's not just marbled -- it's like giant hunks of bacon, meat and fat. Nothing should be that delicious. Especially if it's that unhealthy.

And I would have said I'd pass on the takoyaki except now I've had some good stuff. Most isn't.
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Taipei is a ghost town during Chinese New Years? Man, they should have seen it 20 years ago, now that was a ghost town. Nowadays practically everything but the banks is open.
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