Ship in a Bottle
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Got a few hundred hours to kill? (pdf) A Ship in a Bottle is a type of impossible bottle. No, not this Ship in a Bottle. Have you ever wondered how it gets in there? Or thought about building one yourself? Here's some tips and tricks. If you are not mechanically inclined, how about making a PSP version? Or, heck, just go buy one.
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This man gave my wife (before we met) a ship is a bottle that he had hand made especially for her. Said he didn't expect anything in return.

Unrequited, introverted, obsessive, sad?
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This post reminds me how awful "The Good Shepherd" was.
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Harry Eng's bottles are pretty mind-blowing.

More here.
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I was going to post a Harry Eng link as well, but gottabefunky beat me to it. Now THOSE will make you think...
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I was actually excited for a second that my dream of a ship in a bottle game for the PSP had been realized.
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I recommend clicking around the "how it gets in there" page--it's got lots of incredible ships. I especially like this enormous bottled version of the USS John F. Kennedy.

Great post! Also, excellent use of the "scaryfirstFPP" tag.
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Put an impossible bottle inside itself: Acme Klein bottles. Or, put yourself in one.
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I only allow genies in my bottles.
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There is a magician named Paul Harris who was good friends with Harry Eng, and in one of Harris' books, he describes Eng's method of getting a boxed deck of cards into a Jack Daniel's bottle. After the breathless description of the ridiculously hardcore feat -- never mind the much more impossible things that Eng has squeezed into bottles -- Harris adds the following quote, which has always been one of my favorites (having had some personal experience with performing hobbyist sleight-of-hand):

"Sometimes to do astonishing things you actually have to be able to do things that most people can't do."

(First ever comment. Hi, MeFi!)
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Great post, and a great addition of those Eng bottles!
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