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Before the repeating rifle, there was the repeating airgun. While most people consider the airgun a toy, it has an interesting history as a serious weapon. Now large bore airguns are seeing new interest amongst discerning gun collectors and hunters of big game.
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Of course it’s a serious weapon. Especially with some diapers.
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Damn the waiting period! You've bogarted my first post...

If you've an interest in airguns, or have a deep, geeky love of technical and engineering blogs that really, really know their stuff, the blog run by premier purveyor of pneumatic projectile products, Pyramid Air is worth hours of your attention: Pyramid Air Report. The blog's author answers questions in the comments, even on posts from years back.

(It's also written psuedonymously by the only professional journalist covering the airgun beat in a misguided attempt to avoid conflicts of interest, which is entertaining. )
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ow, quitit
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That Pyramyd Air blog is awesome, but not nearly dangerous enough. Behold, probably the worst idea ever in all it's awesomeness.

I am so gonna build this.
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One of my fondest memory's from my misspent youth was building a inch and a half bore pvc pneumatic spud gun. 80 psi in the reservoir hooked up to an automatic sprinkler valve was enough to launch an unsuspecting tuber 400 feet+ Not bad for plumbing parts.
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Powerful, modern, silenced, 9mm PCP airguns are being used by U.S. Seals in Iraq to snipe at insurgents. Firing an M-16 at dawn or dusk could attract a lot of return fire to the flash point.

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Nice post, mock. This page on the beemans site is really cool, as it actually shows the mechanics of the thing.
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this is really fascinating.
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I've always wanted to build a Girandoni styled air rifle, but I suspect it would end badly for all involved. High pressure air and large caliber bearings just seem like a recipe for holes in my basement walls.
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