"It was just six years of my life."
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WANTED: The Limping Lady. The Gestapo's poster read "She is one of the most valuable Allied agents in France and we must find and destroy her" but Virginia Hall, who used a prosthetic limb after losing a leg years before in a hunting accident, eluded them and saved countless Allied lives while working as a spy during WWII. Additional biographical information, as well as the biographies of other famous female spies, at WWII Female Spies (which has many outgoing links to other great informational resources about female spies in WWII).
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Damn Interesting has posted an article about her recently.
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Julia Child, seen here in 1944, worked for the OSS.

Huh. I did not know that.
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And, in a related story, Heather Mills McCartney will be the first one-legged contestant on Dancing With The Stars.
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As an aside Smithsonian Magazine is practically giving away subscriptions. Well worth the $10.00/year
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Reminds me of the title character of V..
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But what about some female spies from World War III?
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great post amyms.
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