Renewable Energy Incentives
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Want to increase your energy efficiency and use more renewable energy? Want to install solar panels on your roof, buy a hybrid car, put in new storm windows, or make any number of other green improvements to your home or business? Want to save money doing it? DSIRE is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and federal incentives that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. Just click on your state and take it from there.
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Don't forget to check the Federal Incentives, too.
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Efficiency? Save money? I don’t know. I just don’t know. I don’t think it’s been proven that saving money is something mankind can control.
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damn you, now I must wank
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(grumpy comment about american-centric posts and whether I should pull a dios and start posting about every country's energy efficiency government grant programs)
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Ever since that competition of solar powered homes that they had set up out on the national Mall here in DC, I've been thinking that it'd be great to be able to buy a copy of the winning entries, and plop it out in the middle of the mountains in West Virginia. A 21st century cabin to call my own. I could become a sort of bizarro Ted Kozinski ... but then I guess that would mean I'd have to send bombs to myself... or something.
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GuyZero, if you have pointers to information about incentives in countries other than the US, that would be great.
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In Canada the Pembina Institute isn't a bad place to start.
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Huh, well, sure, I could be useful and not just complain. Fine.

ecoEnergy Retrofit to improve the energy efficiency of Canadian homes. This is a direct-to-the-homeowner rebate program that subsidizes home improvements.

Photovoltaic Rebate Program for solar energy upgrades in Australia.

Energy saving grants and offers for UK homeowners.

Unfortunately, as a life-long Anglophone, I cannot give MeFites who reside in non-English speaking countries much help.
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Cool -- thanks. Best of The American Internet.
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Man, that Smedleyman is insightful and funny!
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Am I the only person, who read the first 3/4ths of the first sentence of this post -- Want to increase your energy efficiency and use more... -- and thought it was the subject line to some pen1s -enlarging spam?
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Am I reading this right? It looks like my city would pay most of the cost of solar panels for my house ( as much as $13,500 ). So on a $17,000 install, I'd pay around $4k. How can I possibly lose? The electric bills here are bananas.
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Popechunk, it looks good to me. There's even a net metering provision, which allows you to sell any electricity you generate back onto the grid.

The biggest possible catch I see is that there might not be sufficient funding to cover everyone who wants a system. But hey, can't hurt to try.
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