Samurai slash Cooking flash game
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Foolyoo is a flash game where you fight masked eyeball monsters, avoid disrobing village idiots, slice vegetables according to the ever-changing edicts of a mad old monk and learn how to count in kanji.
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If you can figure out a better way for kiling the black-masked monsters than my method of frantically slicing vertically across their nether parts, you are a superior mousewielder to me.
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The numbers are the easy part when it comes to Japanese counting. The real difficulty is figuring out which counter to use.
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I believe the black ones just need to be sliced about 7 or so times. Doesn't matter where you hit them as long as they "flash" when they are hit.
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Damn villagers.
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What I've noticed is this:

The force of your sword stroke is determined by the mouse's rate of acceleration... so a fast mousestroke slices harder than a slow one.

Red guys: fuck 'em up... just slice them up enough that the eyeball underneath the robes shows.

Green guys: Any blow but the very weakest will kill these guys as long as the the cut goes through the third eye.

Black guys: doesn't matter whether you use vertical or horizontal strokes on them, and you don't always need to hit them 7 times. The key with these guys is you have to hit them HARD. I use horiz. strokes when no villagers are around and vertical when they are.
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Hnnnh? What's the deal with the veggie slicing? I just ended up with bits and one unsatisfied sensei. Man who can chop carrot with katana can achieve anything.
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You need to slice each vegetable the number of times the sensei tells you - this is where the "learn the kanji numbers" comes in. The easy ones are 1, 2, and 3, since those are the same number of horizontal strokes.
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I tried to enjoy this, but I can't understand the instructions, because they are in a foreign language.
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Basically, you slash things. The masked monsters are slashed in different ways. The red ones just need to be hit solidly, making their masks drop. The green ones need to be sliced across the glowing middle eye. The black ones need to be hit hard several times in quick succession (that's as good an explanation I've heard, thanks krash2fast). The vegetable slicing is the only bit you need to learn the kanji numbers. You slice by moving your mouse, no clicking needed.
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