Try to play just one round...
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Speedcluster, a frentic combination of Speed, Solitaire, and Tapper, is an extremely compelling virtual card game which is sucking up a lot of my casual time, so I might as well pass along the obsession.
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My best score so far: 130,000. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go and try to best that.
posted by Durhey at 1:31 AM on February 24, 2007

Instructions..., they would be nice.

Or, is the point of the game to actually figure out how to play the game?

For now, I scored "meh".
posted by qwip at 1:34 AM on February 24, 2007

Instructions..., they would be nice.

Agreed. It looks interesting, but I totally did not know what I was doing.
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Play cards from the bottom row of six onto the four falling cards, either +1 or -1 from the value showing. (2s and 4s on 3s, 5s and 7s on 6s, Aces and Queens on Kings, Kings and 2s on Aces.)

Placing a card makes the falling stack a little 'taller', so that it takes a little longer to disappear off the bottom. Playing lots of cards on a single falling card gets more points. Getting points=not running out of time, it seems.
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145,910 my first time through (level 33). I found myself going back and forth between being in the zone (not thinking, just doing) and being completely overwhelmed.
posted by bbuda at 2:27 AM on February 24, 2007

Pretty cool, thanks! 120,000 so far...
posted by equalpants at 2:58 AM on February 24, 2007

first go, 130,290. MY HAND IS DEAD. Playing this on a laptop is a bad idea.
posted by corvine at 3:34 AM on February 24, 2007

Thanks for the instructions. Now I fear I'm doomed to waste some time with this.
posted by MrMustard at 3:39 AM on February 24, 2007

Fun, but I'm tired of sorting stuff. The game needs more rewards above and beyond the baby rattle and tick sounds.
posted by furtive at 5:37 AM on February 24, 2007

Fun as hell. You don't need to move the matching card over the dropping card, just move it to the blue nib at the bottom of the correct row. 77,210 on my frist round.
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Nice looking.
But, yet another "hurry-the-hell-up-before-you-fail" game.
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157,810 on my first try. I would attempt to best that, but now I have carpal tunnel.
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This would be killer on the Nintendo DS
posted by PenDevil at 8:12 AM on February 24, 2007

641,960 I don't know how i got so much, the time just never ran out.
posted by lee at 8:22 AM on February 24, 2007

95,920 but i was having mouse issues...
posted by empath at 8:26 AM on February 24, 2007

I'm going to try this on the Wii. Should be a good control scheme for this game.
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Well, that was a "cluster", all right...
posted by LordSludge at 8:37 AM on February 24, 2007

130,00. Anyone know what's up with the cumulative points?
posted by Richard Daly at 9:18 AM on February 24, 2007

137,670. I may never play the piano again. Bah. Also, thanks.
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Lee: Holy crap.

Sorry about the lack of instructions (actually, there are instructions, they're just not in English), I just thought that anyone interested in a combination of Solitaire and Speed would know how to play Solitaire and Speed.
posted by Durhey at 1:15 PM on February 24, 2007

I think my super 450 megahertz machine slowed it down
posted by lee at 2:42 PM on February 24, 2007

Actually, I just made 370k, so it is possible to break the 130 mark even with the machine running the proper speed. After a while you're just frantically scavenging for points, and for some reason, having it go quite fast helps with that.
posted by Richard Daly at 4:14 PM on February 24, 2007

This crashed my browser (all browser windows, yay) on two completely different platforms:
- Mozilla 1.7.x on WinXP with Flash 8
- Firefox 1.5.x on Linux with Flash 7
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388,620, level 81 on the first try...
OK, the first try with instructions.

I don't know why I did so well, but it didn't seem that difficult.

I like the way it doesn't get insanely fast.
After a while I got bored and tried to let the time run out, but then I'd go and play a little more.

Maybe the secret is to not care.
posted by MtDewd at 8:57 AM on February 25, 2007

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