the strictest prison of the end of the ground
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Abashiri prison of the present which became famous completely by the movie "Abashiri extra area" is in the modern building rebuilt in the 59th year of Showa. The old building which has been used since Meiji is preserved as a "museum Abashiri prison" at the foot of the Mt tentozan .
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Interesting, though the wording of the post makes me say "huh?"
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it's like their Alcatraz, sorta? It's kinda beautiful in a stark way.
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Very interesting - thanks breezeway.
though the wording of the post makes me say "huh?"
I think it might be a play on the descriptions, eg:
It is a "crab lock" to be the most afraid even during instruction tool with the number. Make it bend a body in the letter of "<" to the front, and fix a limb with the chain. an abdomen is fastened, and a back and a waist are very painful because it is as a body turns like a lobster. then, wash away sweat in such pain, and it blows like a crab through the bubble from the mouth and faints. it is the origin of the name of the crab lock.
But what's with that bear in the banner of the 'materials' menu?
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The Japanese version of the Abashiri Prison Museum site is much better; not only is nothing lost in translation, but it is much more complete and up-to-date (and the snow falling on the front page banner looks great). I hesitated to post it, though. I imagine many users don't have Japanese language support installed, either on their computers or in their brains.

I've been to Abashiri. It's often and appropriately nicknamed "Museum Town," and though most of the museums are small, they're quite interesting: aside from the Prison Museum and its freaky dioramas (the banner near tellurian asked about is one), the Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples and the Moyoro Shell Mound Museum are great, whether you have an interest in Ainu anthropology or Okhotsk area archaeology; the drift ice observatory on Mt. Tento and the sightseeing icebreaker are cool; like most towns in Japan, there's a municipal museum that's kind of dull and an art museum that's not super; and there's a local orchard and brewery. If you ever go to Abashiri, you'll likely visit all of these, as there isn't much else to do beyond taking in the scenery, of which there is a bounty.

What's so baffling about "As for the Abashiri prison the atrocious criminal such as the robbery murder was greatly accommodated?"
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Oops. near=bear
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