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Ask a Biologist. "We think that kids don't always get the access to real scientific information (or real scientists!) outside of the classroom so we are here to do just that." One of the newest in a line of question-and-answer sites, this one is run by fifty professional scientists and directed toward school kids. Is is possible to clone dinosaurs? Why do I sneeze when I look at the sun? How many mutations do I have? How do polar bears keep their feet warm?
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Oops! Should have read " by fifty professional scientists..."
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This is great. My son will love this!
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Really interesting site, but unfortunate font size and color made it nearly impossible for me to read without getting a headache.
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Nachman and Crowell state that there are 175 mutations per generation, at least 3 of which are deleterious.

Not perfectly aimed at kids, but still, a good site.
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There's a group of people at Arizona State University's School of Life Sciences that have been doing this for almost 10 years. And, naturally, they're site is called Ask a Biologist. It's geared at students up to high school seniors and their teachers.

I know about this because I'm a grad student in that program and have been answering questions for them for a few years now. Some questions get sent to grad students like me, some to faculty; it all depends on who they have volunteering to answer questions, their areas of expertise, and the questions that come in. They answer dozens of questions each day.

Actually, when I saw the title of this post, I was kind of miffed that it wasn't about them.
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Great site. It's like AskMe but all the questions are about biology. And there's no snarking.
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Crap, there goes the rest of my day.
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