Indian Potpourri
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Jade Goody visits India; AXN ban lifted two weeks ahead of schedule; and Indians advised to keep a close eye on their cats and dogs.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Reality TV follow-up posts don't really fly here. We already covered this show last month. -- mathowie

Is this something I have to have a television, live in the UK and be a celebrity-obsessed idiot to understand?
posted by DU at 5:54 AM on March 1, 2007

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DU, for the Jade Goody thing, that’s one option, or you could also read a 100-comment thread on Metafilter.

Hadjiboy, the eating pets link mentions gypsies; do you actually have Roma over there? As in, they've migrated back to India?
posted by Aidan Kehoe at 6:07 AM on March 1, 2007

And on National Pig Day no less!
posted by opsin at 6:19 AM on March 1, 2007

lol cuz she's a pig amirite
posted by mr_crash_davis at 6:31 AM on March 1, 2007

Remember, she's not pretending to be thick!
posted by clevershark at 6:42 AM on March 1, 2007

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