Food fight!!
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In this corner: John "Mack Daddy" Mackey. In this corner: Michael "The Pollanator" Pollan. Mackey. Pollan. Mackey. Pollan. Mackey vs. Pollan!! (.rm file via)
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See also yesterday's NY Times.
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I'd be more inclined to read Pollan's letters if he didn't present them in tiny black print on a green background, but, hey, maybe that's just me.
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Somewhat interesting, but it's hardly a "fight" (I didn't watch the RM - perhaps they put up their dukes in the movie.).

They seem almost painfully civil in their remarks.

MrMoonPie, try Jesse's Zap bookmarklets (I won't try to link directly to it like I did yesterday) to get black text on white background. Invaluable.
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I went to this. I expected more actual debate, but Pollan is far more articulate than Mackey, and could easily have wiped the floor with him, so I guess that's why they went with the format they did. Definitely more of an opportunity for Mackey to rebut Pollan in public, and apparently the entire kerfuffle has led to Whole Foods working to promote more local farmers and farmer's markets.

It was a strange thing though- having the crowd of 2000 white, middle aged, upper/middle class people boo John Mackey when he made stupid gaffes like "generally speaking, America is getting richer" is, I don't know, self-righteous? Kind of like the Academy Awards being all "Woo! We're so GREEN!"

But then, I'm from Oakland, where everyone is just cranky. So my general perception of homogeneous Berkeleyniks is probably entirely personal.
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Mac Daddy make ya... jump, jump
Daddy Mac'll make ya... jump, jump
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