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Propaganda. The death of Horst-Wessel . A clip from a documentary about the rise of the Third Riche and how it used Horst-Wessel's song "The flag on high" and his death as a tool of propaganda. Then ending with a clip about propaganda from the film Network.
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Third Riche

Sure, blame it on the French.
posted by bardic at 6:14 PM on March 1, 2007

Third Riche is the nouveau riche
posted by dances_with_sneetches at 6:18 PM on March 1, 2007

ack! Reich. I should lay off the bourbon when posting ;)
posted by nola at 6:20 PM on March 1, 2007

German not my first language. Hell, i have trouble with English for that matter.
posted by nola at 6:21 PM on March 1, 2007

La Marseillaise
posted by nola at 7:07 PM on March 1, 2007

The swagger. The boots. The big, easy grins. Still astonishing.
posted by Dizzy at 10:10 PM on March 1, 2007

needs nsfg tag (not safe for germany).

I think it's illegal for me to listen to that song...
posted by kolophon at 4:57 AM on March 2, 2007

From the first documentary (paraphrase from memory): "The Weimar Republic failed because Germans saw it as something imposed by the Allied invaders... It was a republic without republicans, a democracy without democrats." There you have the future of Iraq, once the Allied troops pull out.

I think it's illegal for me to listen to that song...

[insert rant about freedom of speech here]
posted by languagehat at 6:38 AM on March 2, 2007

Don't forget the USA's own Horst-Wessel!

Yay! Statist reactionary propaganda anthems!
posted by inoculatedcities at 9:15 AM on March 2, 2007


It's like people bringing up male circumcision in every goddamned FGM thread on the internet.

It amuses me though, that to an English speaker, the name of the song looks like a prescient statement.
posted by Snyder at 1:24 PM on March 2, 2007

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