Crushing on a Stranger (since I can't have Yeoz)
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Pretending not to notice is a treasure of a blog I found this evening. While searching for images of currency suitable for incorporating into a bar chart, I stumbled upon this, and was sucked right into a world of h8r cows, purloined existential art, found poetry, Cat Power, this fax, and....WTF? There's lots of great photos, too. Oh yeah, there's also an easter egg and his archives autoplay music!
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posted by milarepa at 9:24 PM on March 1, 2007

Hmm, didn't find it interesting at all. And the autoplaying of music is a serious pet peeve of mine (thanks for the heads up).

You don't think that doctor has ever touched anything worse then the top of his ass?
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I can't wait for the minus button.
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and his archives autoplay music!

And this is good, why?
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Reminds me a lot of
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* files under power, cat *
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