Cartoons unashamed of coming from a computer
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Somewhere deep inside a fractal.... Bizarre, nonlogical, glitchy cartoons that are "not ashamed of coming out of a computer." Satire? Or serious attempt to point animators away from "cushioned, balletic movements" and traditional stories, and towards "an aesthetic which adopts the native idiosyncrasies and flaws of the software in which it was born"? (Note: the 'PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THESE CARTOONS IF YOU SUFFER FROM PHOTOSENSITIVE EPILEPSY' applies mainly to the flashing intros, forward through the first 25 seconds in each cartoon and there's other stuff.) [via]
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The dance club scene in the third one [mov] had me laughing out loud, for what that's worth. So did the Memory Bird near the end of the 2nd one.
posted by mediareport at 9:00 PM on March 1, 2007

Silicon, I'm guessing. :)
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"11/02/2007" ?

This was... kinda cool, actually. But the club scene makes me want to go play Rez. Which now looks much more coherent by comparison :)
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My cat just fainted.
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"11/02/2007" ?

You've never seen how we write dates in the rest of the world, Foosnark?
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Administer 50cc of PaperRad followed by an enema of MilkyElephant and call me in the morning.
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Mmmkay... No big whoop, but today I got into the Joost Beta and the first thing I watched was a Bullwinkle cartoon, so maybe I'm jaded. And am I the only person for whom this thing that flashed by in the opening to Ep.2 reminded me of the geography of Mainframe City on "Reboot"? Probably.
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I did what you said.
Then I caught him making a bong out of an old tuna can and wearing a very small beret.
He is in The Bad House now, but I hear him humming "Terrapin Station."
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I got that stupid greenscreen quictime bug with the looping audio again, only this time I couldn't tell it from the actual video. This is like the video equivalent of nighttime college radio.
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I only hope its satire, because if they're serious, yeessshhh....
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Now we know how long it would take to make a cartoon in Videoscape on your Amiga 500, if you started in 1989.
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This is your Amiga... This is your Amiga on drugs. Any questions?
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I find these brilliant, but hard to watch.

Animation made on computers is stuck in a "special effects" rut, and an obsession with realism has overshadowed the fine art possibilities of experimental animation made with any medium.

It's a challenge to recognize the beauty of cut-ins, aliased edges, and 8-bit color, but it's there.
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I love the third one.

"We are going to the night club, or else you are gay."
"Yes. Or else you are gay."


I was going to make some kind of joke like "techno or German? Too hard to tell." But then I read the .rtf and saw it was signed "Berlin, January 2007." Nuff said.
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that is amazing.
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Holy crap, these are awesome. I can't understand a thing they're saying, but apparently it's english... "would you like a glass?" - "yes I *%)#*(JSDKJJJsomething"
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I love these. Love 'em mediareport. Great post.
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By the way, if you're looking for more computer animated fractal nonsense, there's always Grau, Gestalt, and Spotworks. The first three are serious, the last has a DJ soundtrack so .... at your own risk.
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nothing could have prepared me for the insane joy of watching ep3 of RGB XYZ. Thank you!
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