Are upper lips the only things allowed to be stiff in Britain?
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Sorry lads - Wank Week is cancelled. Channel 4's planned series on masturbation, which would have come this month and which was to feature such illuminating documentaries as "I Can't Stop Wanking" and "Masturbation for Women" (, as well as a portrait of the UK's first masturbate-a-thon, has been pulled as a result of the recent Big Brother controversy. Would-be viewers feel stiffed and wonder why 4 is being so hard on its viewers, who are now left to entertain themselves.
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aaack... masterbation pun overdose!
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From TFA:
If you are writing a comment for pubiclation, please mark clearly "for pubelication".
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20 a day? My diet must be deficient.
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Things Wrong With This Post:

1) Wank Week...
2) ...cancelled...
3) ...because of racism on an unrelated show.
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Channel 4 has been forced to stop and think after the farce that was the latest celebrity Big Brother. Which is a good thing.

The only decent program on Channel 4 is Grand Designs, that programme should have its own channel to be honest.
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Jade Goody is reason enough not to masturbate anyway. But her legacy? What a ball ache. Channel 4 has gone soft.
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Well, that sure puts a new twist on tally-whacking.
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What kind of wanker cancels a wanking event?
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fire&wings, C4 does have the Simpsons, and Ugly Betty, and a pretty good news broadcast when I remember to watch it.
And Grand Designs, wow, yes indeed - that one the other night, when it ended I felt like standing up and giving them a standing ovation.

But 'masturbation week'?! Who gives a toss?
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pepsi blueballs?
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These puns are starting to sound forced.
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Liquidwolf - These puns are starting to sound forced.

suck it.
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Among the entries in
- applying the handbrake
- beef stroke-it-off
- wielding the flesh baton
- enjoying the charms of Lady Palm and her five daughters

But I think Wikisaurus wins:
- spilling Satan's eggnog
- firing the Surgeon General
- having a date with Mrs. Michigan
- stroking Gandalf's beard

O nan, these are good!
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Han Solo. If you know what I mean. And I think that you do.
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Maybe this is why.
(Cancelled, that is.)
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I wonder what Fonzie would say...
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I'm gonna go ahead and celebrate it anyway.
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What a bunch of wankers.
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Those Channel 4 guys are real self-starters.
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Paul Rubens, apparently, was unavailable.
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Channel 4 obviously couldn't give a toss for its viewers.
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