Who should I put on the subpoena? Spiderman, Peter Parker or Stan Lee?
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Superhero-related injuries in paediatrics (note: links to .pdf file). Not your everyday medical journal article. Only the British could make this so amusing. To wit: "Three were injured after initiating flight without having planned for landing strategies."
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But the fact of the matter is:

Bones heal. Chicks dig scars. And the United States of America has the best doctor-to-daredevil ratio in the world!
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I wonder if the owner of samblackman.org and scblackman are in any way related... I think we should be told.
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it is important not to deny children their unrealistic
dreams, whether it be scaling the sides of buildings, flying or
playing football for England.

*cough* I think you'll find there is nothing unrealistic about my boy playing football for England.
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