It's just a web page with some really amazing content.
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"Another useful analogy might be with a clearing in the jungle. The web is certainly a jungle, and without a few clearings it is hard to see how the innocent can stay sane in there, and it might soon be hard to see anything at all." The words of poet and essayist Clive James, whose eponymous site is an online galley/anthology of breathtaking writing, art, and video interviews. My favorites include Ophelia Redpath's paintings titled after Shakespeare quotes, Laura Noble's photos of rusty things, and, of course, a collection James's outstanding poetry.
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Wow, those rust photos are just stunning. Many of the paintings, too. And the poetry. And the clean, simple, design. Just wow. Thanks for this, eustacescrubb.

(not sure what that "first personal multimedia extravaganza of its type anywhere in the world" is doing there, but we'll let it go because the rest is so damn fine...)
posted by mediareport at 5:53 AM on March 3, 2007

Like many Brits, I first came across Clive James as humorous TV presenter. He's like an iceberg - loads more under the surface.
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A true "best of the web" FPP. Nice find eustacescrubb.

And I'm totally down with mediareport's comment "clean, simple design." Web design is art and this site is art presenting art. Gorgeous.
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A lovely change of pace from all the web pages with really amazingly unappealing content. Bravo.
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I like the idea of "paintings titled after Shakespeare quotes." Too bad I don't like the actual paintings.
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"it is hard to see how the innocent can stay sane in there"

i'm sorry, is there some kind of problem here?
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"more like a free university having a love affair with a space station"
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I'm going to go out on a limb here, and make a call about Clive that I just heard Paul Keating make about Peter Costello: he's all tip and no iceberg.

Under the polished turns of phrase, I have always found a whole bunch of not much. The man has made a career out of sounding mellifluous, but I'm afraid he bores me stupid.

Nice pics, though.
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