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This gem got me thinking: Songs about a place. Some are more evocative of the geography, some of a tangential longing merely rooted in a place and others -- while about a place -- are really rooted more in a time. Some places immortalized in song you want to visit, others you don't , and others don't really exist at all, though we may know somewhere like it. But near or far, border to border, coast-to-coast (from the west side* to the east side and somewhere in the middle as well, there's musical pins all over the map. [links go to videos] *no direct link, second entry
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There used to be (until last August) a band in Madison called the Super Eights, which played only quick bursts of jangle-pop about places. Mostly about American states, but occasionally about cities or other countries. They had absolutely nothing online when they were together, and still don't, but I recorded and posted video of three songs from their final show -- New Mexico, Massachusetts and Texas.
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And sometimes the places referred to in the song are rooted to a time. I (re)watched Cyndi Lauper cover Joni Mitchell's Carey last week, and went looking for the Mermaid Cafe in Matala... closed in 1980.
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Ray Charles. Georgia On My Mind.
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Sweet Home Alabama.
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amarillo by morning...
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California Dreaming. (And check out the chicks dancing in bathtubs!)
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By the Time I Get To Phoenix.
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And let's not forget I've Been Everywhere.
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Okie From Muskogee.
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Don't forget that song written about our dirty water.
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benson, arizona attained mythic status after the movie "dark star"
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Anyone have a line on where I could get the cover of Carey by these guys, that was slated for the Joni Mitchelll tribute album...but not used for whatever reason?

any help appreciated
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"It's a Typical Day (In Dogpatch, U.S.A.)"
"Bali H'ai"

"I come from the town of Mira,
Beyond the bridges of St. Claire.
I guess you've never heard of Mira---
It's very small but still it's there.

"It had the very greenest trees
And skies as bright as flame....
But what I liked the best in Mira
Is everybody knew my name."

---Bob Merrill, CARNIVAL!
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Anybody else getting annoyed by the amount of songs about California the Red Hot Chili Peppers have made? Do they have a deal worked out with Schwarzenegger or something? It's a wonderful state, but after 20 years you'd think they would've explored new material. Or mebbe it's just me..
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Poe's "That Day" even comes with a map in the liner notes.
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