February 20, 2001
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I usually wouldn't post something that I found through the office "humor" mailing list, but this just seemed very MetaFilterable. Physics geeks especially take note.
posted by jpoulos (4 comments total)
I've gotta say, that's hilarious. And from my very own University of Wisconsin!
posted by dcodea at 10:29 AM on February 20, 2001

This was on Jon Callas' "The Eristocracy" mailing list a few weeks ago. Funny stuff.
posted by gen at 11:29 AM on February 20, 2001

okay, that was truly funny! ;-)
posted by muppetboy at 12:36 PM on February 20, 2001

Ah, I love bitter, cranky sci-tech types. More of the same from Mr. Kovar:
the Microsoft Auto-installer wizard
posted by maudlin at 1:03 PM on February 20, 2001

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