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Five Chapters. Weekly, serialized short fiction edited by David Daley, the man behind McSweeney's 20-Minute Stories Contest. Some contributors so far: Vendela Vida, Arthur Phillips, Sam Lipsyte, Anthony Swofford, Jess Walter, Stewart O'Nan.
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Inexplicably, there's no link to take you from one chapter to the next and the breaks are usually arbitrary but otherwise an excellent site.
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I'm not trying to be spammy here, but I think it's not irrelevant to point out that I do this every week.

Granted, I only post new chapters three times a week but I do every week, as a lone author. I also illustrate the stories myself -- I'm currently trying to surreptiously finish the illustration here at work for the new story that kicks off this Friday.

Also, archives.
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self promotion filter: I do some flash fiction as well. The things we think

but back to the more relevant topic at hand. Those stories were pretty good. especially the first one at the archives link.

failing at flirting indeed
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