Language thing this well is working now us let invent grammar.
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Free bonus link: Daniel Dennett's Philosophical Lexicon.

Thanks go to painquale whose remark about quines sent me on a wikiandering googlodyssey that brought me to SpecGram (via this gavagai article).
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(BTW, can any Canadians explain who the Labio-Nasal article is mocking?)
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Beeg Haan Krrz, Litol Hong Gersh = Big/Little Honkers (Noses), maybe?
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This is great!

Some proposals require you to submit a strategic plan. We assume that all funding requests are for traditional guerrilla tactic weaponry. If your request is in excess of £95,000,000, this indicates that you intend to engage in open confrontational conflict; in such cases, our anonymous donors require a detailed strategic plan, which you can submit on a separate page.
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I like the puzzles, especially the Indo-European crossword and the Canadian version of the LingDoku. (click on the maple leaf)
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This is hilarious. Thank you!
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Well, hell, if I'd realized this had never been posted I'd'a done it myself. Great site, and I used to send the IE crossword to my old grad school pals.
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I applaud the initial use of the rampantgeekery tag, a worthy tag that will surely have future Metafilter applications.
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In the "Choose Your Own Career" section: double majoring in linguistics and philosophy makes you a fry cook, but so does unseriously majoring in linguistics -- heh. I love how not choosing a linguistics major automatically makes you an econ major. Funny stuff.

Great post.
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Man, I've been subscribing to this for a while. It's great.
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I see they have a handbook for Metafilter there. Bonus!
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I see they have a handbook for Metafilter there. Bonus!

here's a longer take on that theme.
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Ooh, I was an inspiration! Neat. To a great post, too!
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So far, I am mildly amused by the typo on their home page.
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"Words mean something." - Rush

Thanks for the link.
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