Ken Steacy
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Ken Steacy runs a print on demand publishing company, (he recently brought the book "As I See" back in print) and is a fantastic comic book illustrator. Last week he put 600 of his best drawings on flickr. (as seen on
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God, I love Steacy's work.
I'm still hauling around copies
of Tempus Fugitive.
Excellent, excellent post.
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ta for this!
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I loved "Night and the enemy" the graphic novel he did with Harlan Ellison. This looks good.
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I actually found a copy of Tempus Fugitive in a dollar bin here in Dublin. I was pretty excited as I always wondered what the story would be like as a kid but never saw the book on newstands. It's interesting that the techniques of airbrush work have not really been applied by computer-colored comics (other than the ubiquitous ugly gradient).
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This stuff is fantastic.

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It is an interesting coincidence that both Ken Steacy and joelf live in Victoria, BC, and that both are artists and designers. I thought it was unkosher to promote friends' work on the front page, more or less equivalent to a self-link?
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How much would it cost to commission a comic book based on a script, I wonder?
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