An interview with Kal Penn
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Filmiholic interviews Kal Penn. The interview begins with a discussion of his new film the Namesake, but covers a lot of interesting topics. There is an also an interview with Jhumpa Lahiri, who wrote the book the Namesake is based on.
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via Sepia Mutiny, who are mentioned in the interview because they weren't happy with Penn playing yet-another brown terrorist on 24.
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Yeah, the 24 role seemed pointless for a guy that shows his promise. I was surprised. The trailer for this looks decent.
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I heart Kal Penn. Thanks for this.
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I dig Kal Penn and I'm glad he'd taking on some more serious rolls, but I sincerely hope it's not a sign that he is moving away from comedic films.

Ignoring the painful mediocrity that was Van Wilder 2, the guy has had a long string of excellent and funny work.
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Yes, like Epic Movie.
But seriously, I thought he was great in Harold and Kumar, and I wondered why he didn't speak a word in Superman Returns.
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Kal Penn is sex on a stick. What is it abouth is voice that drives me bananas? Love his cadences.
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FWIW, I've got the trailer and some photos for The Namesake on the About site, but haven't had a chance to see it yet. It's directed by Mira Nair, of Monsoon Wedding.
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The Namesake is a very good movie. I saw a preview screening of it a few weeks ago and Mira Nair was there afterwards for a Q&A. She said that she had no urge at all to cast "Kumar" but he son kept pushing and pushing and when she finally auditioned him he blew her away. Because the film takes place over a 30 year period, she was initially going to cast 2 actions to play the role Kal plays, one at 16 and one at 26, but Kal managed to do a good job at play both ages.
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ghastly: I'm pretty sure I remember reading an AICN interview with Kal that there was a whole side story about him being lex luthor's right hand man that was like half an hour of story that had to get cut, and ended up leaving him mute.

edit: here we go!

"KP: [Laughs] Yeah, here's what happened with that. The original script, the character's name is Stanford, and he had a subplot that's about 20-minutes long in the rough cut that I saw. Part of his plot was that he and Lex Luthor are in cahoots, and Stanford plants evidence in the Daily Planet that sends Superman into outer space for all those years. And that's why he leaves, because he thinks Krypton still exists."
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I thought it was cool how he tries to sneak his real name in to the credits of films when he can. Also, the fact the playboy interview he did was all bull shit was kind of funny.
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Stephen Holden on The Namesake
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"Harold and Kumar go to White Castle" was one of the funniest movies that I've ever seen. I'm looking forward to the sequel.

Penn seems like a pretty level headed guy. Thanks for the link.
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Yeah, "Harold and Kumar" got me into him too. Very interesting interview, thanks.
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More interviews.
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