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Jyrki Kasvi is a member of the Finnish parliament from the Uusimaa constituency. He represents the Green League and his campaign website can be viewed in English, Swedish, or Klingon.
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Meanwhile, the United States Postal Service is preparing to unveil R2-D2 mailboxes.
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What is the point out of the fucking p... excellent.
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Never let it be said that the Green party is a bunch of fringe wackos.
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If it's written with the latin alphabet, it's not true Klingon.
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This is awesome. From the pictures, and this language option, he seems like a pretty cool guy.
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I strongly trust in love...I also consider all people having identical possibilities and difference being tolerated.

qagh Sopbe'
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When I was 12, my best friend bought his dad, a general in the U.S. Army who held a Ph.D. in Classical Lit, the Klingon dictionary. Within 6 months he was speaking fluent Klingon every time I went over. I thought it was the most fucking awesome thing ever. (Until this post.)
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Klingons. Lame!

Real candidates would write in Sindarian.
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Ditto eriko.
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I bought the Klingon Dictionary at Caldor in jr high.

Never quite made me as cool as I thought it would.
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Why isn't it in Finnish?
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I've heard a common joke that the Finns hate their own language. Think about it---ever met a native Finn who didn't speak perfect English?
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This is awesome.

Let it be known that the Finnish Green party, while fringe, is still much better and more well balanced than the fringes of other countries.
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several years back, multnomah county (where portland, oregon is) advertised a job for a klingon interpreter at its mental hospital, apparently because one or more of the loonies insisted on speaking klingon and there's some kind of federal mandate to accommodate loonies in their own language.
i remember thinking at the time that there's no surer sign that we oregonians are paying too much in taxes. i'm a proud member of the "speak english or starve, nutball" school of thinking.
hasn't star trek jumped the shark yet? in fact, hasn't it jumped the shark and left the shark behind on the other side of the horizon?
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It's in Finnish too. Drop the "?kli" from the URL or click one of the links on the left side of the page.
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I've heard a common joke that the Finns hate their own language. Think about it---ever met a native Finn who didn't speak perfect English?

Finnish is related to Hungarian and is a very difficult language to learn - much harder than Kingon - but much easier to speak.

As for Finns "hating" their own language, Finns don't seem to care for language much at all. You don't find too many talkative Finns. There is a wel-known joke about two Finns that go on holiday. Finding two empty bar stools, they order a round of drinks and when the drinks arrive, the one Finn holds up his glass and says to the other "Cheers" to which his buddy replies "Are we here to drink - or to talk?"
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Funny, our parliament elections are next week and my candidate is on the front page of Metafilter. Kasvi has been at the job for four years and up for re-election. According to the preliminary polls, he's probably going to renew his seat. The Greens currently hold 14 of the total 200.

Hate is a strong word, but we do value silence in ways that can seem strange for people from most other cultures.
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Kasvi also has had for years one of the best blogs in the Finnish blogosphere. A couple of weeks ago he promised on his blog that after the rigours of the election campaign he is going to dedicate a full week for playing WoW...

(Interestingly, Finland might be the only country in the world where prime minister was forced to resign because of a scandal about the Iraq war, the so called "Iraq Gate")
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Unfortunately, the reason for her resignation was her audacity to tell the people that the incumbent had been secretly fellating Bush. Not a high point in Finnish politics.
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And yes, uh, there was the breaking-the-law-while-doing it thing. My main beef isn't with her resignation, but her getting demonized by the press, when what Lipponen did was a lot worse.
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Oh, according to the Wikipedia article, she was found not guilty. She just got hammered in the headlines so bad that she might as well have been.
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Real candidates would write in Sindarin.

Nah, Quenya. It's more Finnish-like, anyway.
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"It isn't pollution that's harming the environment. It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it."
- Dan Quayle

Best quote ever from that site!, thank ;p
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