When kids ask Ty what happened to his ears, he says,
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I was shattered by this photo. Ty Ziegel and Renee Kline were photographed before he went to Iraq. He came back a different man. How can you go through what he's gone through and come out smiling?
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Moving and startling, but a recent double. -- cortex

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It's pretty moving. Got any other links, stories maybe?
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I was shattered by the duplicity of it all.
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Here's the original post.
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Sorry, I was crying too hard to search thoroughly.
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This is a better post anyway, though it is a double.
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Understandable. I'm sure as hell not clicking on that story a second time.
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I agree that it would be very hard to smile. But that first picture is only one of probably dozens of shots the photographer took of the couple and it's entirely probable it was when they were taking a break, expressions relaxed, from more posed and cheerful shots.
As the photographer herself says: "Yes, you can say, "She was exhausted," or "They were hung over" -- they were -- or "They just wanted to get this over with and get out of there so they could have fun." That's part of it too. But that's not what makes pictures interesting. What makes pictures interesting is that they provide the space for the viewers to contemplate."
I am not saying this to detract from the horror of what happened, but to point out that we may be reading things into the picture that are not there.
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He looks less scary than this guy who did it on purpose.
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There are a lot of stories about veterans that amaze me, but in this case, its *her* for sticking with him.
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Maybe he's just really a happy guy.
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With all due respect, this is not a better post. This post clumsily tips off the reader to the impact the image will have before clicking on it. The earlier one takes you by surprise for maximum impact. The earlier post was also designed to allow others to fill in the blanks on the couple (and commenter's did) while the post ostensibly focused on the photographer and her other work involving injured U.S. veterans.
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America just ate him, digested him, and shat him the fuck right out.

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Oh, and a hearty "Mazel Tov" to the new couple.
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