Alive in Baghdad
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Alive in Baghdad is a video blog that began when filmmaker Brian Conley visited Iraq in 2005. He has provided several local reporters with video equipment and training to produce weekly posts of first hand accounts from ordinary Iraqis, like this tour of two houses after American raids, or this interview with a Sadr City doctor.
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From the last link:

She has a clinic in Sadr City and has worked as a medical doctor for 40 years in Baghdad. She has seen many things, having lived and practiced medicine through three wars and much political turmoil in Iraq.

She discusses the difficulties of travel to her work as well as some of the strange diseases and medical abnormalities that have shown up since the first and second American invasions of Iraq.

Please consider making a donation to support our work, we are in the process of looking for ads and trying to secure additional funding sources, but until now our work continues to be entirely viewer-funded. Please consider making a follow-up if you’ve donated in the past. As we’ve said before, this project is our full-time work, and it costs 2500 dollars per episode. In order to expand our work and provide more detailed and diverse coverage of daily life in Baghdad, your assistance is needed!

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Tears And Blood And Shit
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very tough, but I liked watching this video. Interesting.
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I had nothing to do with this post, but I thought folks might be interested to know that a MeFi (re: me) is the lead editor for the project. I got involved a little over a year ago and I've been handling the editing since November when a couple people left the project. So if you have any other questions I could probably field them quite well.
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