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The art of sugar: flowers, lace, birds, sculpture, cubes, gardens, construction site, houses, paintings, underwear. In Britain. In Mexico sugar skulls are created to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Amezaiku is a Japanese candy craft and wagashi the art of Japanese confection.
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Wow, kind of puts good old Fuzzy Peaches to shame.
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I really enjoyed the wagashi link.

I was asked once to name a food that I enjoyed with all five senses which is a fairly difficult but interesting question to answer. I think the answer I eventually arrived at was popcorn.
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At $10 a serving, who wouldn't want that lace cake?

This has the fascinating effect of turning on both my sweet tooth and my creative buttons... Something I'll have to try my hand at, perhaps. Neat post, thanks!
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This is a great post. Thanks.
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Wow indeed—great post!
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This thread and MeFi thread 58282 could use fondant tags.
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That skull crawling with caterpillars and butterflies on your Day of the Dead link is fabulous. Can't get enough of those skulls!
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Seconding the thank you for the wagashi. I can't believe I've never heard of that!
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Yum Yum Yum... I was craving something sugary after clicking the links, and all I could find was an ice cream bar... I'm trying to pretend that it's a lace cake.
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The sugar orchids are the perfect trifecta of beautiful, vaginal, and probably DELICIOUS.
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Some Chinese sugar figurines and their makers.
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Emiliano Godoy is an industrial designer who's experimented with the sugar-building techniques of Day of the Dead celebrations. He's used sugar as a 100% biodegradable material for some interesting products, like table lamps and golf tees.
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Oh wow, love the additional links. Thanks.

grapefruitmoon, wouldn't that be vulval rather than vaginal? Or maybe both? The sugar O'Keeffe thing.

The "craft" in my original post links to Hanan's wonderful grow-a-brain blog and it looks like he just added this other charming link to a video of a street vendor in Nanjing, China [which is on another interesting blog about living in that part of the world] making lacey images out of sugar syrup.
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