Earthquake Alert by SMS
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You may have heard of Twitter, a social networking utility to let your friends know online or by SMS what you're doing right now. Well, now even fault lines can do it, thanks to some enterprising developers. Friend one of these guys to get San Francisco quake info by text message from the USGS.
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Hat tip to my friend Chris for this. Maybe one day he'll get a MeFi account...
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Update from DU's life: He's reading about your life on his pager.
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boo_radley is: reading about DU parsing a text page about fault lines.
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DU is: picking his furtively stopping
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Holy shit, are you sitting down? Are you ready, I mean really ready to make a metric-asston of money? Yessss. Listen: Of course you are. Ready? Goddamn right you are. Here it is, plebe, tremble before me: ""
A social network where people who suffer from aninformiphobia can find out how compulsively other people are about hand-washing, just like they are.

Thanks to Grails on Groobvy, it's already done. Here's the first alert.
*beep* Oh, our first alert! Let's see:
  • boo_radley is: washing his hands with Doc Bronner's All-in-One
*beep* another?
  • boo_radley is: applying lotion to his hands with Jergens' aloe-vera 3-in-1
  • boo_radley is: realizing his hands are coated in filthy lotion now
  • boo_radley is: washing his hands with Doc Bronner's All-in-One
I'm going to be a goddamn trillionaire.
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HandWashr feature request: I'd like to block sending alerts when I *skip* washing my hands after visiting the bathroom.
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Not to interrupt the hand washing, but one may also go directly here to sign up. You can set your preferences for magnitude, time zone, region, etc. No social networking necessary!
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There seems to be missing functionality in all these sites. Where can I sign up for alerts a half hour BEFORE the quake hits?
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I was going to ask for a feature warning me I was about to shake hands with someone who had recently rubbed one out without washing their hands (HandWashr 2.0?) but now can't find the statistical email which claimed in a year you shake hands with x men and y women who have done just that.

I assume the email was made up, but what was surprising in the copy I received was the numbers were something like "7 men and 12 women."
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You can do that right here at MetaFilter for the next few weeks, twsf, with Daylight Saving Time wonking the database time stamps. You're living in the future now!
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Just like dodgeball, now with more Narcware!
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Assuming you're in an earthquake you can actually feel, these alerts wouldn't be all that useful save for knowing the location and magnitude.

Of course, if you're in Lafayette, CA getting alerts all day that you're having earthquakes, you might want to brace yourself.
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I don't get the point of that Twitter thing, but I'm a joiner, so I joined.
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Twitter: I'm in my bathroom, killin' my doodz.
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I'm on twitter but I have no friends, so its kind of like i'm talking to myself. CRZY.
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You can't top Poopr.
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miss lynnster is: busy advancing her promising career as a cute & witty person of leisure.
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Metafilter's own evhead.
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What is the point of Twitter?

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earthquake is: in ur faultline, shakin ur d00dz

(I'll stop now.)
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I'm on Twitter (same name as here). I have no friends. Still, it's pretty cool. I use the RSS feeds to populate a "real-time" component to my blog as I send SMS messages to Twitter (my family say I don't write enough, so this solves that).

There's a Jabber Twitterbot, so when I'm signed in to GoogleTalk I get little updates. Just listening in to the traffic from folks at SXSW the past few days has been neat, for example.

Anyway, I like Twitter.
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How is twitter different than livejournal?
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