I just happen to be good at fighting
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MMA star Evan Tanner has a new vision; one that still involves fighting, but on a completely different level.
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The first rule of Evan Tanner's house is: you do not talk about Evan Tanner's house.
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Interesting. Like I've said before these guys aren't all douche bags and knuckle heads. Some are real interesting guys. Some even have vision. It's good that tanner is avoiding the Hollywood syndrome... you can see what it's doing to the other guys. Dumping their wives, marrying strippers and porn stars, surrounding themselves with Rap Star posse's, buying a fleet of hummers and all that stupid shit.

I do have to say though. He is going to need a bigger house than THAT for 12 fighters... especially teenaged and early twenties guys? I'm suspecting he has no kids and has no idea what that will be like.

Again, remember what your uncle TK said about many of these guys - certainly the best of them - not even really digging the sport (mostly BECAUSE of the idiot fans)? Instead loving the training? Well here is more evidence:

Tanner:I can't really say I'm a fan of the sport. I like to compete, but I don't watch much fighting or keep up with the latest news.
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If your goal is to make fun of someone who participates in a sport you think is ridiculous and inane, there are better fighters to choose. Like Ken Shamrock.

The only ridiculous thing Evan Tanner has done is claim that he was at any point the best middleweight or whateverweight fighter in the world. And that period where he had his hair in cornrows was pretty ridiculous too.

Also, if you make fun of it again, I will send 20 guys to your house and they will all half-mount you to death. Let's get it on!
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Guys right on with his critique of Coture.

Good on him too for trying to be a positive force. Too bad he don't take donations.
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on the subject of mma -- i highly recommend the documentary the smashing machine, which i rented after seeing some previous metafilter comment about it. the commentary track is especially good.
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