Secret History of the Cedar Valley
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Punk rock in north-central Iowa, 1977-2007 as featured in The Secret History of the Cedar Valley, an exhibit at Wartburg College (Waverley, Iowa). The opening reception is this Saturday, March 17, with performances by Modern Life is War, Beat Strings, Brooks Strause, and The Torpedo Darlings [WARNING: these four band links have music on them!]. --more inside
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Wartburg professor Matthew Wilson-Pickering is a veteran of the Cedar Valley scene who came back to Iowa to take a teaching position near the town where he grew up. One of the innovative things he has done in the art department at Wartburg is a very good courseware catalog on Perhaps also worth debating: how does punk rock square with Wartburg's central mission?

A capital addition to anyone's Iowa punk rock resources.
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Neat stuff. The only band I know out of those is Modern Life Is War, which shows up on comps from time to time.
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I don't know any of those bands, but it's beautiful in there. Thanks.
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The stink of human sin is more that I can bear.
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Long live "The Law!"
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Des Moines Rock City.
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Awesome. Brings back a few memories.
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Nice post. I remember some of this from my days at Grinnell College...
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Cool. I'll have to pass this along to Mrs. Slogger, who grew up near Waterloo. Who knew central Iowa was such a hotbed of counterculture!
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I remember seeing House of Large Sizes quite a bit while growing up in Des Moines.

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Wow... I went to Wartburg College from 91-95. House of Large Sizes was definitely sort of the ubiquitous everybody-knows-them band, although Fat Bertha and the Love Shakers is one name that pops out at me as being really huge with the people I knew.

We had really great music opportunities for such a small college -- I think our biggest on-campus show was probably Twin-Cities-born Trip Shakespeare, but I'm now realizing how foggy my memory of that time is. The radio station was fun, too. Really neat post, thank you! U-rah, rah, rah!
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Well I'll be damned. I went to high school in Waverly and had a show on Wartburg's radio station, KWAR (rawk spelled backwards!). I even played a few songs by Houses of Large Sizes. Wow, something I never expected to see it on Metafilter.

I live in San Francisco now, and interestingly it seems like there was a higher percentage of punk rockers there than here.
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Vive the Iowan diaspora.
posted by tracy_the_astonishing at 9:12 PM on March 15, 2007

Vive the Iowan diaspora.

Hear hear!!
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