Collaborative fiction
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Ficlets are extremely short stories (a maximum of 1024 characters). Other writers swoop in and write prequels and sequels to your ficlet, making interesting branching narratives a la Create Your Own Adventure.
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... a la Create Choose Your Own Adventure. Damnit.
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Natalie Portman sat, naked and petrified, looking at the most recent Netcraft reports. *BSD was dying and you didn't have to be Kreskin to see it.
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It's one of John Scalzi's (mefi) projects. FYI
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It should be duly noted that blogging guru, frequently published author, New Comprehensiblist, and guy who tapes bacon to cats, MetaFilter's Own John Scalzi is seriously involved with but not primarily responsible for Ficlets.
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Best 2 out 3?
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I'm not gonna fight no jedi.
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I should probably add that I'm more of an "Old Man's Warrior", but I won't.
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He glanced from the blue-hued screen to the teabag that lay on top of the trash. "Decaff" it read, and he sighed, his lethargy explained.

Blue tones turned white as Word launched. A screen blanker than his face, his mind, filled his vision. Obligation weighed on him. Pride too. Was he expected to contribute? Certainly, he expected himself to. He needed the approval of [+], but in his current state he couldn't compete with past glory.

He’d have to try, though, to keep up with his nemesis who did not know he was a nemesis. If that slipped, then the contest would be lost. He could only win if the other did not play. His strategy, big long stories tossed into unexpected threads, was good, but it could not keep up with the rush of quips and jokes his nemesis could bring to bear. He did not feel like a winnar today.

Still, he placed hands to keyboard and began to type. A few words here, then a check of the count. Even though he was not happy (he never is) with the final product, at 1,024 characters exactly, he stopped
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Excellent, a yardstick! Thanks robocop is bleeding.
sympathy [+]
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Great find! This sequel -- to an entertaining story in and of itself -- is genius!
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What would be even more impressive would be stories short enough to fit into a text message (160 chars or less).
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Did you ever read that short story from Hemmingway?

6 words

For sale
Baby shoes
never worn.
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Thanks Plutor, haven't got time to explore as much as I'd like right now, but it looks like a great link to a fun idea!
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