February 21, 2001 10:29 PM   Subscribe I know it's self-referential, but I thought it was funny - I stumbled on this URL while doing a google search. Go on Matt, tell us how you really feel ;) - Also listed was "" - sentiment as URL.
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Um, I don't think it's very unique :)
posted by pnevares at 10:34 PM on February 21, 2001

So what's it about? And why's it showing up on google?
posted by kokogiak at 10:38 PM on February 21, 2001

Okay, okay, so color me stupid, but I still wonder why it pops up on google. (and what do you call that part of a URL anyhow, if the ".com" is a gTld, and the "" is a domain, then what's the "www" or whatever?)
posted by kokogiak at 10:56 PM on February 21, 2001

well, the only thing I can think of is that somebody linked to that url and then their page was scanned by google or that somebody submitted that url to google.
posted by locombia at 10:59 PM on February 21, 2001

kokogiak: it's called the host.
posted by cheaily at 11:07 PM on February 21, 2001

locombia, it's "base", no 's'. jeepers! :)
posted by pnevares at 11:13 PM on February 21, 2001

Okay, I'll just be quiet now and exercise a little more of "being presumed a fool, rather than opening my mouth and removing all doubt". Thanks cheaily.
posted by kokogiak at 11:13 PM on February 21, 2001

Yes, pluralizing 'base' would move the sentence closer to being gramatically correct, and we can't have that now.
posted by tomorama at 11:57 PM on February 21, 2001

oops. duh.
posted by locombia at 12:32 AM on February 22, 2001

If you look at the MetaFilter logo, there's a 1 in 7 chance you'll see this.
posted by mathowie at 1:12 AM on February 22, 2001


Everything before the domain in a URL is a (Virtual) Host, or Server (as "host" originally meant). It's pretty easy to tell your server to respond to * with the default page, and then add rules for specific hosts, which is how the same machine is able to host, and

Actually proper server configuration (as I've been told, though I'm sure there'll be debate :-) says you should accept all requests to your domain. At the very least you want and to respond, more people will be able to get to you that way.
posted by cCranium at 6:44 AM on February 22, 2001

Yay for me! I think I made that link, once upon a time, for something or other.
posted by sonofsamiam at 9:07 AM on February 22, 2001

I think it had to do with the and the style domain registrations that went floating about.
posted by cCranium at 11:08 AM on February 22, 2001

all your base are belong to us

I have no idea what it is, but its pretty funny. (is it some sort of Final Fantasy thing?)
posted by tallman at 7:20 PM on February 22, 2001

tallman: here's the explanation.
posted by pnevares at 1:15 PM on February 23, 2001

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