Ziabista Disco Polo !
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Disco Polo - It makes ITALO DISCO look like StockHausen, Disco Polo Is coming to rule the world (and fix your sink).
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Apologies - there's a song that mentions something known as ' baya bongo' which is the best example of the genre - but fortunately i am unable to find it.
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There's nothing like a nice euro-trash hit song that marks summer- or ski holiday.

I wouldn't be able to muster this appreciative distance if they were dutch though.
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You know, once you put a bouncy 3/4 beat on something, it sounds like the funnest, most joyous thing in the world. This is true when Norteño bands sing about drug runners, and for all I know Polonia 1 is the northern European gangster polka station.
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I never danced to any disco polo, but I once trod in some.
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Speaking of Italo Disco, I lived in Naples Italy with my father when I was a teenager during the 80's. When I left Italy in 1987, I was in a band called: Tous. Our singer, Michael Copson, had already recorded and released a song called, Storia, which got a bit of air-time in Italy and a soundtrack spot in a movie called Undici Giorni, Undici Notti (Eleven Days, Eleven Nights) You can listen to Storia here (real player)
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Italo Disco is great genre.

Not so sure about Disco Polo. . .
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The drone piece from the estimable Herr Stockhausen (attn: sgt.serenity, no need to capitalize the h) was very enjoyable. Thanks for that.
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Thanks sarge.
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Wieśniacy! Uwaga!
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Apropos of nothing:
When pronouncing a word slowly and carefully, Polish speakers articulate and release each of the two consonants separately.

Very cute the first time you are talking wth Poles about ABBA. "Do you like abuhbah?"
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Nie... no, ja pierdole.
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sgt.serenity, the track you are thinking of is Baiao Bongo (music, lyrics) by the queen of Disco Polo herself, Shazza (wikipedia, pic, NSFW pic). I actually once saw her perform it, amongst other tracks, live.

This recent Warsaw Voice article gives a decent perspective of the Disco Polo's genre's basic history.
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busy old fool, you are the man !
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