The New Alternative to Being Discovered at the Soda Fountain
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"Spotlight Live... puts guests in the limelight in a way that will surpass their wildest dreams. Guests can walk in the door for dinner and walk out the door a star" In the age of American Idol, why go to see a show on Broadway, when it's your birthright to be a show on Broadway, complete with your own professional back-up singers and dancers?
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The Gong Show with food.
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Why does that web site show me the progress bar while it loads a display of just the address in text?
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On one hand, ick. But on the other hand, think of all of the unemployed actors & singers they'll be providing employment opportunities for. "Hey there, starving young talent! Spotlight is a great way for you to afford food while you're totally unable to make a living in the actual spotlight!" Ironic, no?
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Huh, hadn't heard anything about that (or seen any signs); will have to look closer next time I'm in Times Square. Sounds like a fun place to go and do karaoke, hang out with friends, etc.; I wouldn't hold my breath on being "discovered", though.
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Hee. That'd definitely be fun. Another way to make an extravagant fool of yourself and make sure all your friends get the moment on camera! :D
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Wow, it's true, even my very wildest dreams are but pale shadows of this
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Karaoke on steroids!
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Sounds like fun. Bank-breakingly expensive, but fun.
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