Trials Of The Centuries
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Famous Trials. Transcripts, maps, photos, and personal and historical accounts of some of the most famous trials in history. From Socrates (399 B.C.) to Moussaoui (2006) and everything in between, including the trial of Jesus (30 A.D.), the Salem Witchcraft Trials (1692), Lizzie Borden (1893), the Scopes "Monkey" Trial (1925), Lenny Bruce (1964), the My Lai Courts Martial (1970), O.J. Simpson (1995), the Clinton Impeachment (1999), and 40 others (with plans for additional content). The site also includes other interesting articles such as Trial Heroes and more.
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Hmm, that Trial of Socrates does seem familiar somehow.
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y2karl, I just found your post (I got that you must have been trying to hint at something... lol). Sorry, it didn't show up in my search or I would have linked to it as a "previously." But I'll correct that by doing it here: (y2karl's July 24, 2003, post on Socrates that included a link to the Famous Trials site).
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Oh, mine was not a unique link but merely the easiest to remember. Not that it matters. It was merely one of many. I think the My Lai Trial for sure has been linked as well on a number of occasions. It was a Go To place in both cases. I can't remember or find a direct link to the home site itself, however, and as it is such a Go To place, I say go for it. So there you go.
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The Trial Heroes Horton story is gripping.
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The witchcraft trials fascinate me. Thanks for this post.
posted by dabitch at 4:47 AM on March 18, 2007

I really enjoyed the Horton story too.
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Will third the Horton story praise. A (relatively) long read, but worth it.

The visitor remarked to the judge that if he were to annul the jury's verdict, he would have little or no chance of being re-elected. Horton smiled. "What does that have to do with the case?" he asked.

I love people like that.
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Nice post, amyms. Just read the Lenny Bruce trial account, and although I knew a good bit about it already (I've long been interested in Bruce), there was plenty of good info there, presented clearly and economically. I'll certainly check out some of the other accounts you've linked to.
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Lizzie Borden was sooooooooooo guilty.

Nice post.
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A search of the onsite Google window with a hyphenated Famous-Trials or in quotes-- "Famous Trials", the first post shows up in the top two or three results. I missed that yesterday.
So, props to foxy_hedgehog's one and only post. Not bad for a first post.
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