This is why I do the work I do - to inspire people to surrender, open up and receive spirit; to bring those lost back into the gathering - the ultimate party, the oneness.
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I was reading this article at Breitenbush. At first I thought she was a bit loopy, but now I’m pretty sure she’s one of my personal heroes.
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Pepsi vag?
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My work is inspired by ECSTASY

So why is it $360 for two hours? You'd think ECSTASY would, you know, be it's own reward.
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Breitenbush looks very nice.
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Breitenbush may look nice, but my Inner Linguist gets all hinky when the website uses"gifted" as an ambitransitive verb.
Maybe if I had sex on X I'd change my mind about that.
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Sure, why not.
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Nouveaux sees stricter adherence to traditional gender roles as the natural way to accomplish the revitalization of the family. “You guys make more money than us, and you guys are supposed to be the ones working. We’re supposed to be raising the babies. We’re supposed to be at home supporting you. We’re supposed to be wives for you. But all the women are striving to do now is to be men. They’re all working 40-hour weeks.”

What the fuck.
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If sex can be shamanic does this mean masturbation is a form of worship?

Should 'adult' shops have tax free status?

Are young male teenagers deeply spiritual?
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frogan writes "So why is it $360 for two hours? You'd think ECSTASY would, you know, be it's own reward."

I'm sure that it is, but a girl's gotta live. I enjoy my job, but I'm not about to start doing that for free any time soon either.
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orthogonality writes "Pepsi vag?"

Pepsi Pink, surely?
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Hmmmm. Who are you to say what's shamanic and what isn't?
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Yes, it's sex laced with moontalk so of course the snark dial gets turned to 11, but still: from what I've read so far she seems to have a sincere interest in helping men and women both achieve spiritual and sexual pleasure. Sexual problems are so common and the often sad and loveless things people do because of them decorate our culture to a depressing degree. If she is successful at what she does (and her testimonials would suggest that she is) then I think she's found an honorable way to both make a living and live her life.

Personally, I'd love to meet her -- with her beauty and charisma and life experience I'm guessing it would be a hell of an experience just to talk to her. It's spring for crying out loud, and the waking world could not be more lovely. Sexy happy people are always fine with me, but I'm particularly fond of them right now.
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Wahkeena is hardly alone. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are a number of interesting, spiritual sex workers here. They range the gamut from prostitutes/escorts who are just adding a thin veneer of hubba-jubba to what they do to people who really are trying to do something very different.

Most of them wrap up what they do in the verbiage of "female empowerment" or "spiritual/tantra work".

And what is the number one reason they do what they do?

The money.

Sadly in this culture we live in, it is one of the easiest ways for a conventionally attractive young woman to make alot of money. Alot.

And then what comes next...rationalization. A way to justify what they are doing, because it makes so very much money for them.

It makes me a bit sad, because they really are trying..

But you know what, it isn't powerful and it's not particularly spiritual. It's easy...that's what it is.

Oh yes, incredibly psychologically damaging to them and to the men. But in the short run when you're worried about the rent and everything else, it's easy.

What would be hard would be going and getting a masters or Ph.D. and becoming a couples therapist...if you really deeply wanted to help men and their relationships. Or doing massage or becoming a ritual and spritual leader...oh wait the money's not nearly as good, so you'd have to work more than 2 days a week.

I dearly hope that Wahkeena is not anyone's hero or role model. We have enough problems with young girls seeing the Britney's and Angelina's of this world, the last thing we need is some vaguely spiritual rationalization for selling their bodies for money.

Selling sex for money is not real power.

Wearing faux fur underpants and lace garters and spinning fire poi in front of a crowd is not real power.

Being photographed in the nude is not real power.

Taking the pictures, being behind the camera, that's power.

Deciding how the money gets spent is power.

Deciding who gets hired and who gets fired, that is power.

Start a business, start a community, write your own music, re-build an engine, apply for a grant, do something, anything that isn't about being another woman selling your BODY!

You are worth far more than money.
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San Fransisco Rates
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So why is it $360 for two hours? You'd think ECSTASY would, you know, be it's own reward.

You're so right. Imagine, for instance, that I earned $1000 doing web consulting, or whatever. Not a wild guess that about 2/5'ths of that (or about $400) is going to the gov't and Shrubie's war. Now that's getting my money's worth.
posted by telstar at 3:17 AM on March 19, 2007've got these things. They're called paragraphs. They're pretty awesome because what they let you do is put more than once sentence on a line. Now, I can see why the advantage of that is not immediately apparent, but stay with me here. If you use this useful grammatical tool it will make your statements about eleventy hojillion times easier to read.

Ok, on to more important matters. Are you now, or have you ever been, selling your sexy ass fo' dollas? I ask because you're telling (a proverbial) someone what does and doesn't psychologically demean them, and that can be irksome to some. Don't get me wrong, there's all sorts of problems with the way sex work goes down around here, but the problem isn't with the amicable transactions that go down without (unwanted) blows being exchanged. Sometimes, people just wanna get laid. A couple's therapist ain't gonna do what a ho can do, and what a ho can do is going to get done.

Also, "you are worth far more than money" is a strange thing to say because money is a unit created to measure worth. That's like saying you are taller than inches.
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Note: linguistic sidetrack alert.

Perhaps someone in Breitenbush is of Scottish ancestry. Using "gifted" in that way is entirely proper usage in Scots. For example, as used by government.
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Wow. First metafilter post about someone who's stayed in my house. I met Wahkeena when she still went by her given name, and I'm not sure how many times she's changed or amended it since then. As someone who took two years of concentrated research to decide on a new, legal name, I never understood that. The flux of her name over the years seems to me to be a decent indication of what I know of how Sitka does things. Some of you might say that she's growing and changing organically with her name, others might say she's being inconsistent or flakey. I'm not writing this to judge.

Wahkeena and I have only crossed paths a few times over the years, but they've been crossing since she was about 19 and I was 16 and we still both lived in our home town -- Ann Arbor, MI. Anyone who grew up in Ann Arbor will more than likely have known a few kids like Wahkeena in high school, and they should be able to recognize a familiar tone to her writing and the way it reaches conclusions. Ann Arbor's hippie-infused past has been characterized by left and right-wingers alike by a kind of well-spoken, pie-in-the-sky, high rhetoric. The kind of place that the conspiracy-theory pamphlets someone hands you on the street are likely to sport academic citations. No one's surprized in Ann Arbor if the man on the street shouting and ranting about how hemp will save our lives has a Ph.D. (remember where Ted Kazinski went to school). I don't think hemp will save our lives, but it sure can be useful. I'm proud of Ann Arbor's wingnut reputation and its high rate of crazies-per-capita, and I'm sad to see the chain stores moving into downtown and the students getting more boring. Ann Arbor is becoming the hippie who got a day job. It might be selling Birkenstocks (which Wahkeena and I did together), but it's still a day job.

Whenever my path crossed with Wahkeena's, she was looking for a way to work without having to sit down in the same place for years -- at school or a job. I'm right there with her on that point but not on the ways she made ends meet. So in a way, I'm happy to see that she's decided on a profession.

The last time I saw her was when I lived in Portland, and most of my friends there worked some kind of freelance, computer-oriented job. They had fine lives, free from corporate control and sitting in one place for years. Sure, maybe hours or days, but not years. She's pretty good at making websites, and I never understood what was stopping her from developing that skill into a job. I don't think it's unfair to say that she was looking for a quick buck. Hell, we met at a seminar that prayed on people with no money looking for a quick buck. There's a difference between conformity and discipline, and I feel like it's entirely possible and respectable to avoid conformity in finding your life's calling, but not discipline. Wahkeena is definitelly sharp, and I'm not saying that she's without discipline, but I'm writing this to say, in the fairest possible way, don't buy it.

django_z has some good points. I don't think it's impossible for some people to turn the things Wahkeena is selling -- sex and spiritual connection -- into a healthy transaction, but I'm not one of those people. Furthermore, I don't like the idea of either of those things being a transaction. I wouldn't go to a website to buy a tantric experience for the same reasons that I don't go to church to learn what to believe. Buying or selling sex is a thorny enough issue, and to me associating it with spirituality makes it more suspect and vulnerable, not less.

During the week that Wahkeena stayed with me, she fell in and out of love with two different people. She ignored the fact that my girlfriend was uncomfortable with her presence and stayed longer than I said I could offer. A few months later she'd changed her name again. She's got the guts to go much farther afield than I do in searching out her life's path, and she's had many amazing adventures because of it. But sometimes you travel to go somewhere, and other times you travel to leave something behind. To me, Wahkeena has always seemed to be leaving things behind, which is an unavoidable component of exploration. I'm sure that many of us have met the guy who "doesn't believe in owning things" but would love to sleep on your couch. I've done some wandering myself, but one of the things that slowed me down is understanding how much moving around all the time takes out of you and the people you meet.

I guess I'm saying "don't buy it" because Wahkeena is selling connection, but I've never known her to be connected to anything for long. I don't claim to know her very well, but whenever I have she's been intensely connected to the place, person, or idea that she's on about at the moment, and then it changes before I see her again. I'm not going to say whether or not this works for her, but if that kind of thing works for you, I suppose transaction-based sex or spirituality would as well. Otherwise, don't buy it.
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Hell, we met at a seminar that prayed on people with no money looking for a quick buck.

The unintentional spelling error sums up all sorts of religious hucksterism in one tidy phrase.

I think it is unfortunate that our straightlaced society frowns on (nudge, nudge, wink,wink) sex as a service. In a society where you pay a specialist to fix your car, clean your teeth and fertilize your lawn, it seems logical to be able to hire a professional for sexual services as well without running afoul of the law or risking social censure.

(When you read the phrase "professional" in the sentence above, did you automatically think of a female?)
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...she's been intensely connected to the place, person, or idea that she's on about at the moment, and then it changes before I see her again.

Sounds ideal for this line of work to me.
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San Fransisco Rates, 1 Hour ~ $220
um...Can I get an hour at the Muncie rates, please?
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Image gallery won't open for me. Says I'm requesting the page by IP which is not allowed. Anyone else?

This was pretty interesting. I really like her music. Thanks!
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The unintentional spelling error sums up all sorts of religious hucksterism in one tidy phrase.

Ha! Nice eye, Enron. That shows where my mind was. But, really, who enjoys going to the mechanic -- or the dentist? The issue is whether sex is an itch to scratch or something more. Transaction is about the result of an exchange (itch -- scratched, car -- fixed). Everything else is customer service. I find that more straightlaced than associating sex with social relationships.

You'd think I'd be done by now, but, here we go:

Also, "you are worth far more than money" is a strange thing to say because money is a unit created to measure worth. That's like saying you are taller than inches.

The meaning is clear even if the language isn't exact, which isn't such a strange way to communicate if you listen to how people talk. Dollars are a unit created to measure worth. Money is at once a symbol, a discrete entity, and a system. If you need us to be exact, Doublewhisky, how about this: "You are not accurately described as a person by your height."

Re: imperium's comment -- you take my point, then. If this works for you, go for it and don't expect anything more. Otherwise, don't buy it. I bet she's very good at her job, but I don't understand how her job can do the things she claims it does.
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After reviewing your comment I took some X and had some deeply spiritual sex.
I now find we are in complete agreement.
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Good lord, have we reached the point where even fucking and jerking off have to be somehow justified with furbrained New Age bongo-beating bullshit?
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You want to play the drums with your cock?
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Sounds like fun.
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The issue is whether sex is an itch to scratch or something more.

It can't be both?
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Those testimonials are really unbelievable....and in brilliant contrast to the ravings of this woman :

Thinking back to that phone call, she leans forward, eyes wide, and says, “And I’m like ‘Huh, is that all you fucking guys want us for?’” She shakes her head and her muttering grows into a growl as she continues: “Fuck, fuck, is that all you fucking want?” In seconds, she’s nearly out of her seat, arms spread and her whole body turning red as she screams, “Jesus fucking Christ. If I would have known that 10 years ago I would have been making money for 10 fucking years. Jesus Christ.” And in the space of one breath, her voice is calm and even again. “That,” she says, “is when I got a little jaded.”

Nice FPP.
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Is there such a thing as "sex magic"? Well, I'm pretty sure the Tantric practitioners are probably on to something. Is there such a thing as Shamanism? Absolutely. Could the world use some Mavin Gaye style sexual healing? Surely.

But I have my doubts that a scantily clad prostitute is peddling anything but nookie. Just because a guy says "Oh god, oh god, oh god!" when his cock is in your mouth, does not a holy event make.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for legal prostitution. But if I hear the term "Sacred Prostitution", or "Priestess Prostitutes", or any derivative thereof one more time...I swear to all that is holy, I will find a way to smack the person who says it...and not in that good, high heels, leather corset kinda way.
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Let's say there is, like you say, "sex magic", and that tantric techniques really do do something. How would you go about teaching those skills? Naturally, you could read about them, but there is probably a lot that must be shown, that must be experienced.

A guy I used to know got involved in making websites for this one tantric teacher-type woman. I think he found some type of arrangement (surprise) where he would develop her website for lots of "hands-on" training in her arts. Apparently, she had studied under some master-types in India for several years or something (it was in '96 so I can't remember the details perfectly). He would always come back and tell me about these crazy experiences that he was having and that how the sex was like nothing he'd ever had and that how there is so much to learn and so on. So that got me thinking: how did this woman learn? Did she actually go to some kind of sex camp? Did she actually have sex with the master there or did he coach her with some other person? Does that master guy have India's greatest collection of STI's?

Also, how did she teach what she knew? She was, after all, trying to teach those arts, and since they were "hands-on" lessons and they weren't free ... it looks a whole lot like prostitution. Maybe Value-Added Prositution. In dotcom terms: a "Girlfriend Experience" upgrade, a Value-Added Turnkey Tantric Solution.

I'm not going to vouch for the tidepool girl, but if you actually wanted to set out to teach these things, it looks like you have to do something that is nearly indistinguishable from prostitution. Why would someone sign up for that? Because what are the chances that you're going to hook up with some girl that is a trained sex priestess? That information has to spread somehow.
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Oh, and jonmc: OUCH!
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I see your point, but the big ol difference is that a Tantric practitioner isn't going to toss you down on a bed of pillows, rub your back, lick your balls and call you cured. (Well, the pseudo - fakir, new age Tantric Sex Masters might...but those people are mostly charlatans.

Tantra is a very complex philosophy. Sex can be a part of it, but it isn't the goal, or the methodology, or the purpose.

Whereas this lovely girl...this is just sex wrapped up in a new age costume to make people feel better than if they gave a streetwalker fifty bucks. Perhaps I'm just cynical, having known too many people who talk the same talk as this girl, but who don't believe it themselves, and are doing it purely as a way to make money.

Again, I don't have an issue with prostitution, when it's someone like this, who obviously wants/likes/wishes to be a sex worker...what I have a problem with is that our culture is so puritanical that the only way sex workers can work legally outside of Nevada is to wrap themselves in a pseudo religious costume.

Also, I'm tired of goddesses being co-opted to justify naked profit.
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toss you down on a bed of pillows, rub your back, lick your balls and call you cured.

Sounds like healing to me. . .

: )
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Also, I'm tired of goddesses being co-opted to justify naked profit.

Or the plain old fashioned need to get laid.
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Dear Pretentious New-Age Sex Worker,

I'm sure the people of the city of Sitka and the Sitka tribe would like their name back. It doesn't quite lend that air of credibility you're looking for. Try "Wahkeena Scooby-Doo Tidepool Ripple" for an upbeat alternative.

Still, as our spiritual guide P. T. Barnum is reputed to have said, "There's a sucker born every minute," so I'm sure your business will do well.

Your pal,
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Still, as our spiritual guide P. T. Barnum is reputed to have said, "There's a sucker born every minute," so I'm sure your business will do well.

If the business is going to truly thrive, there'd have to be a suckee born every minute, too.
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I totally see your point, dejah420. She's just like visiting tantra on a short vacation rather than any real learning. Still, maybe it's like a quick intro course. Maybe that's the push that people need to actually get into it.

Also, considering how diverse the tastes of sexual "consumers" are, I'd be shocked if this type of angle wasn't being used in San Fransisco[sic], of all places.

Also, I'm tired of goddesses being co-opted to justify naked profit.

Or even to just attract too much attention. The whole goddess contingent at Moontribe (Southern Californian raver-hippy full moon desert parties) used to really bug me and I dislike them even more in the big-leagues at Burning Man. So annoying.
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their minds were somewhere else, they weren't paying any attention to me, their bodies were having a physical reaction like sneezing or pooping and they were not having an emotional response to the experience. Their bodies, their minds and their emotions were all completely on different planes; completely disconnected.

I think this part is right-on. There are so many people, I think, including people who have lots of sex and physical or technical orgasms, who are completely detached from a more magical-spirit transcendent experience of sex. (Hard to describe this stuff without sounding batty, I know). If a person with a set of skills can help another person center and (re)attach to that kind of wholistic experience, for a not-crazy amount of money, that sounds like a win-win to me.
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If sex can be shamanic does this mean masturbation is a form of worship?

I tend to see it more as meditation, if you're doing it right.

* * * * * * * *

$180 / hr doesn't sound all that out-of-line if this is being conducted as sincere, knowledgeable therapeutic activity and not just a roll in the hay. (In which case, I've heard a lot lower rates for much more, shall we say, prosaic sorts of interactions.)

I wish I lived in a society and culture where this were more accepted and acceptable. It'd provide a welcome reality check for people who seek honest psychosexual self-improvement or maybe just a reality check in cases of self-doubt. I echo melissamay's remarks, especially about how I'd love to find out what insights this person has gotten in helping (or trying to help) others.
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I wish I lived in a society and culture where this were more accepted and acceptable.

I wish prostitution (and when you strip away all the psychobabble and goddess bullshit that's what this is, money for sex) was legal and bore no stigma either, but dressing up the most primal and basic instinct built into human beings with all this dippy-assed hoo-ha is not the way to go about it. It just makes the whole proposition look ridiculous.
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Or doing massage or becoming a ritual and spritual leader...

...anything that isn't about being another woman selling your BODY!

She is selling a massage, with a happy ending ritual. I don't understand the distinction you are making. At some point, you seem to think she makes a jump from massage therapist and/or tithe-collecting cleric to pure prostitution. I am interested in definitions of that jump.
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but dressing up the most primal and basic instinct built into human beings ...

I think it's a primal instinct in humans to find ways to complicate things.
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She says she doesn't offer discounts but.....women get 50% off!:


I greatly enjoy the divine feminine and connecting with women in every respect. I am sensitive to the psychic, emotional boundaries of the feminine, and sessions with women vary greatly depending upon your level of comfortability, intentions and desires. I am available for time to deeply relax, explore the body, receive sensitive sensual arousal, and become intoxicated in the spine tingling pleasures of erogenous zone activation. Rates for women begin at $120 for 90 Minutes and $180 for 2 Hours.
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Holistic, Holy, Heat, batman!

seriously, everytime I hear the word Holistic, my bullshit meter goes into the red zone.
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Hmmm...I’ve always thought of sex as something worthy of refinement, never thought of it as work.
(Your left arm is straight, but you're not keeping your head down. Always try to hit through the ball. Don't think of it as work. The whole point is just to enjoy yourself.)

“I believe that one day, when our culture enlightens and decides to decriminalize marijuana, let gay people publicly and lovingly embrace each other in their chosen union, and people use alternative energy instead of sucking the blood of the earth out of other countries; people will begin to realize that Tantric Bodywork is a healing art on par with practitioners of Acupuncture, Yoga, and Massage Therapy.”

Ummm...not that great a sell for me. And are all those things mutually exclusive? (Blood of the Earth? My new ange understanding is that would be ley line energy, not oil.)

“Thus Tantric Bodywork will be decriminalized and will be embraced as a genuine therapeutic healing modality, and will be taught in schools so that there are high standards for practitioners and practitioners will be highly trained in the arts of bodywork & embodying the goddess.”

Wouldn’t high standards price some folks out of the market? And indeed limit others from practitioning? I know a lot of RNs who practice a genuine therapeutic healing modality and they bust their ass doing it. This, not so much.

Always liked the tantra though. Like anything else, the more you practice the better you get and with wider variation. I can walk around on my hands all day. That’s a result of physical and mental training. Similarly lots of nifty things can be done with orgasms if you devote time to it.
But all such paths come with such rewards.
Physical training has rewards beyond they physical (indeed, I’m as calm as a monk after an intensive workout). As does mental training. There are many many methods by which one can center oneself, relieve stress, gain a broader philosophical perspective, etc. etc. Sex is a great way, tantric sex even more so.
I wouldn’t want to pay someone for that tho. I might pay someone to learn technique - and actually I’ve bought books and such on the subject and my wife and I practice quite a bit actually (hey, it’s better’n t.v. and I sold my polo horse).
But y’know, give a man a fish, all that.
Lots of folks charging for their fish out there.
I just saw a t.v. preacher the other day selling fortune bringing handkerchiefs for Jesus. This doesn’t seem much different. ‘cept it’s sex. And doesn’t seem to be a lot of teaching going on. Always struck me as odd that people who - no matter how they may excel in something - don’t treat teaching itself as a separate art. Which seems to be the bottom line (as has been said above) - you need legitimate training not only in the subject matter itself, but in how to transmit that knowlege to others.
The ‘spiritual’ aspect of anything has always demanded from me a much greater level of concrete exposition. Typically it translates into integration of a number of techniques and subconscious perceptions monitored consciously (e.g. shooting). But that’s always demanded a physiological and psychological sharpness and focus. I’ve never found ecstasy to be it’s own end (so paying to achieve it seems particularly reprehensible). Acheiving that focus however can be translated to any task. One can learn that just by paying attention to oneself. Which is probably why so many people try to sell lucky Jesus wealth handkerchiefs of whatever form.
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The whole goddess contingent at Moontribe

redteam, you could notice that over the 12 hours of psy trance? I wonder if we've met...
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DoubleWhiskey - you make a good point. My apologies for how my post was formatted. If you had made your point less patronizingly I would have appreciated it even more. But I did get on a bit of a rant myself and perhaps you were responding to my tone.

And as for money being equal to worth. True it is one measure of worth, but just one, there are many others. Whereas I don't know many other ways to measure height than inches or centimeters.
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nimwunnan - Wow, thank you so much for the personal insight into her. That makes alot of sense. Very, very well said in regards to her lack of connection and leaving things behind and how that dovetails with this kind of work.

I think that when you actually meet someone in person who does things like this it all becomes much, much clearer. A great litmus test of a person and their spiritual path and genuineness is simply how peaceful they seem to be. What is it like to hang out with them for an afternoon? How do they respond to someone who needs help, to being rejected, to all the normal day-to-day ups and downs?

I don't really care if people just went to Spirit Rock for a month long silent retreat or they recently returned from Thailand where they studied with the High Holy Muck Thickety Nah or they go do Bikram Yoga 6 days a week. Great, and what are you actually like to spend time with?

I meet many people who do so many things all aimed at being peaceful, spiritual, transcendant creatures, but plenty are petty, manic, disconnected folks. Meanwhile lots of people who never heard of any spiritual stuff are quite peaceful, gentle, spiritual souls.

And just so my vote gets in the offical MeFi tallys - I am definitely against legalized prostitution. I'm pretty aware of how hard illegal prostitution is on the prostitutes (I did some work with WHISPER back in Minneapolis), but I don't think the answer is making prostitution easier or legal. I don't think selling sex for money is an inherently good thing or an inherently necessary thing in any society. I think much of it is vestiges of the very sexist culture we have and though it will be several generations (at least) till we're able to balance those scales I don't want to have an entrenched legal lobby for this around then.
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and hosted from Uranus - hmm, you ask a good question, sorry I missed it first time back through the comments.

If indeed she is doing massage plus a hand job at the end (the happy ending ritual) then I guess that is what she is doing. I would not call that just massage, nor typical prostitution.

I also think it is interesting that she is able to charge as much as she is, which is wayyy more than one gets for just massage. I was perhaps reading between the lines and assuming that she was not just doing massage plus a hand job. But now I'm curious, I wonder how her business works.

Why doesn't she get busted by the cops? If that is all she is really doing why does she have clients who could get that for less somewhere else? Perhaps it is the packaging - the dressing it up in something spiritual feels less icky and shameful for the clients. I could see that.

For all I have written against what she is doing I feel like I should add that I think she is trying to do something different, I don't think she is completely deceitful or malicious in her actions. But I still think they have negative consequences for her and her clients and I am concerned about the impact on other girls and women who read about her (boys and men too). Also, I would be interested in her past, has she been the victim of any sexual abuse? Unfortunately, that is incredibly common among people who do sex work.
posted by django_z at 1:43 PM on March 19, 2007

so lucky all my crazy mind bending tantric sex magic has been for free... well not free, it cost dedication and love, but that's still waaayyy cheaper than this girl's rates.

and for the record, decent, well focused tantric sex (with or without X, but watch out if with) can release thoughts and tensions like very few other experiences. But then again, I'll go with Foucault, that the problem isn't our lack of attention to the psychological issues involving sex, but our gross obsession with it.
posted by sarcasman at 3:14 PM on March 19, 2007

Frankly I see nothing wrong with prostituting your body for money. And yes, such services can be quite therapeutic even without the ethereal mumbo-jumbo, as Marvin Gaye pointed out half my life ago. As for why people do it, why do talk therapists, MDs, or postal workers do what THEY do if not for money? All y'all Mefites who love your jobs so much that you'd slep in the bushes to do that task for free please raise your hands.

My complaint with Keena is that 1) she's so far away and 2) Medicaid won't pay for it. Oh boohoo, eh?
posted by davy at 4:31 PM on March 19, 2007

As for why people do it, why do talk therapists, MDs, or postal workers do what THEY do if not for money?

Mostly because most of those types you listed don't blab on about how they do it because of ECSTACY.
posted by Snyder at 4:55 PM on March 19, 2007

One advantage legalization offers is control. One can minimize the risk to society by setting health standards. And legalization would probably create co-op or franchise arrangements, like taxi companies and pizzarias. Plus there's all that taxation.

I suspect there is an overall net benefit to society in legalization of prostitution. One just needs to come up with some sensible, realistic standards.

Apparently weed is a humongous part of the US economy. I know it certainly is so in British Columbia. Imagine the benefits of legalizing that: first off, the elimination of the cocaine trade across the Cdn/US border; the elimination of gang-operated growing, harvesting, wholesaling, transportation, and distribution networks; and a citizenry that can finally relax about it all.
posted by five fresh fish at 7:10 PM on March 19, 2007

Also, it sounds to me that the gal is marketing herself incorrectly. She should try the "Vampire Girl" image. That way her customers know that she'll suck them dry, then dispose of them by the wayside.

At least, that's what he kinda made it sound like. [point vaguely upthread]
posted by five fresh fish at 7:11 PM on March 19, 2007

This page is comedy gold! A prostitute named "Wahkeena Sitka Tidepool Ripple"? A topless lady in a monastic hood? "I am daring to ask a tenuous question~"? Gold.
posted by Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson at 7:31 PM on March 19, 2007

Sitka is a strong woman, no doubt.

Women who are in control of their own environment and aren’t dependent can be unnerving to men. This is true in sexuality too. For example, when a woman has sex they could be viewed as having too much enthusiasm and self determination. Men like to have at least a shred of control in their sex, so if they sense that that what little strength they have will be unnoticed, they don’t react well. Men are vulnerable too. I understand that some men may not have the male confidence that I do and that’s OK. We are all different.

So with that in mind what I see a lot of here on this Sitka thing is verbally bashing prostitutes and throwing her onto the heap. I’m not a prostitute fan either, but to lump Sitka, who is kind and loving, in with road-weary prostitutes just isn’t fair. Call me Bill Clinton, but I do think Tantra is different than intercourse. Seriously, Sitka doesn’t frighten you does she? Booo guys! (like in scary booo) What Sitka does is take men on a safe and pleasant journey where, in the end, they will be happier with their own sexuality. She makes a man feel better about himself all around.

Please save your jokes and jabs for the folks who are making fun of your own lifestyle choice. Yep.
posted by Thirsty Ed at 2:34 PM on March 22, 2007

Women who are ... when a woman has ... Men like ... they don’t react well ... Men are ... some men may not have ... We are all different.

Yes, we all are different. Some are so different that they don't make sweeping, myopic, uptight, navel-gazing generalizations like you do, because we think it marks one as a bloody fool. But you clearly have no such hang-ups.
posted by frogan at 3:41 PM on March 22, 2007

And your point is? Just frownin?
posted by Thirsty Ed at 6:32 PM on March 22, 2007

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