Once upon a time, when the web was still young...
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The Addventures. Imagine the possibilities of an interactive web, but before Flash, before Java, before video plugins, before anything but text and graphics (and graphics take up so much bandwidth!). Addventures came out of this era, and over the years there have been quite a few (not all paths SFW) incarnations of the concept. You can even roll your own with open source. Can you find your old stories?
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In junior high, I spent hours extending these games between classes. I seem to remember making lots of Doom references...
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Um I think Andrew just raped me?
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truly compelling
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Funny how revealing some of these are:

You're flying through the air with Kerri...what a beautiful girl...funny that you noticed just now...flying...flying with Kerri...if only this moment would last forever...you begin thinking of other times...other girls...if only you had cherished those moments...this moment too would end...all too soon...falling...falling with Kerri...you smile and grasp her hand firmly...you look at her...she smiles at you...if only you would never land...it was inevitable of course...all good things end sometime...but one can dream, can't he?...endlessly falling...embracing Kerri...

Followed by:

a tear trickles trepidly down your cheek...forever locked in the arms of sweet, sweet Kerri...until the bitter, vile end...endlessly caressing...kissing...you weep uncontrolabley...never...you'll never let her go...when will it all stop?...never...

Livejournal/Myspace before there were such things. Someone needed a hug.
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How in the world did I not know about this?

I was in a virtual professional wrestling club when I was a kid. The matches would take place in IRC, using a system of dice and points. But the real magic was the message boards, in which people wouid write their characters into interviews, sketches, etc. It was great.

I held the world title belt for about a month. Shortly after I was beat, the whole thing collapsed. I've always regretted that match. If it weren't for that match, I would have "Virtual Wrestling Revolution - World Champion" permanently on my resume.
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Oh god. I think, if I looked hard enough, I'd be able to find some very meh-worthy text of my own in there involving a sewer and a dinosaur and some awful, awful puns.

Somebody post some LambdaMOO logs next, so I can cringe even harder at my own Internet Childhood.
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Wow. Did a search. AddVenture has never been mentioned before in MeFi? Wow. I thought for sure that MeFi wass where I found out about it. Aeons ago. God, I feel old.

I probably have a page or two in there somewhere. Have no idea how to ascertain where it is, and I'd probably be flabbergasted at what pretentious twaddle I left behind. I'm not a fan of my own past work.
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Oooh, this is neat. I may have to start one.
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I'm planning on setting one up as an adjunct to the girlfriend's online writing workshop I host...
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Who, amusingly enough, is named Keri...
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Wow. I added to this thing using AOL in the '90s.
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