May Your Life Be Long And Useful, Like A Roll Of Toilet Paper
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The Toilet Paper Encyclopedia from toiletpaperworld. Filled with fun facts about the history of toilet paper, including the results of various toilet paper surveys (more people chose toilet paper over food as a necessity if stranded on a deserted island), toilet paper stories, statistics about which kinds of toilet paper are most popular worldwide, and zingers (toilet paper jokes and observations). Previously on Metafilter, The Whole World Toilet Paper Museum.
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I didn't link directly to toiletpaperworld's home page because they're a seller/distributor of paper products, and I didn't want anyone to scream "Pepsi Poo!" ;)
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I just want to mention the Demolition Man three shells to get it the hell out of the way.

And I'm dying of curiosity to know just what the hell a gompf stick looks like.
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This endless roll of knowledge might be an antidote for this:

Is it just me or is everything shit?
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Fun Fact: I am one of the 20% of people who wrap the toilet paper around their hand when dispensing.
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no impact man doesn't use TP apparently.
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(more people chose toilet paper over food as a necessity if stranded on a deserted island)
No, wait...
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"*China…AD 1391 - The Bureau of Imperial Supplies began producing 720,000 sheets of toilet paper a year, each sheet measuring two feet by three feet. For use by the Emperors."

So Chinese Emperors were big assholes too.
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Um, if I was trapped on an island, I feel like toilet paper or lack thereof would be the least of my worries. Are these people too good to shit in water?
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Very interesting, but I only got halfway through those histories before I was wiped out.
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