Dancing robots as educational toys
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Keepon and Roillo are two robots designed for non-verbal interaction with children. Keepon is shaped approximately like a snowman, with two cameras for eyes and a microphone for a nose. After one bar of music, he starts getting down in his robotic-type fashion. (two videos that need flash are the attraction here)
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OOOOH I want!

I want that in the dj booth of every gig I have.
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That is one funky robot.
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Seriously, it seems like it is having just the best time. I absolutely love it. If they put that in stores tomorrow they'd sell a million of them.
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That's just wrong.

I love it.
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The drum video was unimpressive. The Spoon video rocked my world. I'd swear that little thing is actually feeling the beat.

Stupid little yellow piece of shit.
/jealous 'cause he can't feel the beat
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Now that's what i call a sockpuppet.
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The drum one is pretty bad--the thing isn't moving to the beat. The spoon is much better, but all in all I think Soul Train is a much better way to learn to dance.
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Oh, awesome! I went to a conference in early February, where Hideki Kozima talked about his research with Keepon.

He talked about using Keepon to help study the behaviour of autistic children, and presented a neat hypothesis about how autistic children are inundated by the sheer number of social signals to decode, becoming unwilling to interact with others as a result. In comparison, Keepon has a very limited number of actions (tracking gaze, bouncing up and down, tilting its head side-to-side, vibrating), so it may be able to help autistic children get the kind of social interaction that they may need.

We got to see some video clips of children, both autistic and non-autistic, interacting with Keepon. My favourite clip? The one where the non-autistic boys would beat on Keepon and play with it aggressively, whereas the girls would pet it and try to take care of it ("Boys are like that..."). Very endearing.
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White people play with their dancing robots like this and black people pay with their dancing robots like this.
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If they put that in stores tomorrow they'd sell a million of them.

For sure. Keepon could totally be this year's hot Christmas toy.
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Lookout! Robots Got the Boogy!

I want one more than I want my pancreas.
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Have not yet watched video, but already know I want one.

/frequently has crushes on robot.
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