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The Architect of the United States Capitol, offers a comprehensive website on the Capitol and grounds. Check out its art and architecture, as well the neighboring Congressional office buildings. There's also the new Congressional Visitor Center with weekly reports on the progress of construction. Not to be forgotten is Constantino Brumidi, a man who spent a lifetime painting in the Capitol (index to PDF biography).
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Hey, my dad works for the Architect of the Capitol as a project manager, and is currently managing the construction of the new underground Congressional Visitor's Center. I've gotten an excruciatingly long-winded tour of the place, and it really is crazy huge. There's just miles and miles of tunneling going everywhere under there. Even the air conditioners are big enough to drive vans through. Architecturally, I found the whole place to be a little too "Stargate SG-1" for my tastes. Of course, they were trying to meld Thornton's original architecture with modern construction techniques and the need for pervasive surveillance. The most amazing part about it to me is that dig out that much dirt from under the Capitol without the whole building collapsing into the giant hole. (See slurry wall construction.)

Very nice post, by the way.
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I wonder where the Sergeant-at-Arms is going to lock up the DoJ officials who try to ignore the forthcoming subpoenas.
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I frequently walk from the Library of Congress through the tunnels to the House office buildings to use their post office and Starbucks. The post office seems to send stuff out continually, so my bills (and Netflix!) often arrive at their destinations within a day. And the Starbucks doesn't charge sales tax, so I save a few pennies that way. I have gone from the Library of Congress all the way over to the Senate cafeteria without going above ground, which is kinda cool, too.
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Hey you guys want to see a picture? Here's a picture I took from between the inner and outer domes of the Capitol Building. (Obviously this is a self-link.)
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