Legally Blonde on Broadway
March 26, 2007 3:05 PM   Subscribe has been doing a video diary of Legally Blonde: the Musical as it moves toward Broadway. See the first rehearsal with director/choreographer Jerry Mitchell, visit a costume fitting, or catch a sneek peek of the show's pre-Broadway tryout in San Francisco. Legally Blonde starts performance in New York City on April 3rd.
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And I know, the idea sounds terrifying. The show received good reviews in San Francisco; time will tell if New York City will be as kind.
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Is this related to the post below?
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That sounds atrocious. I guess it won't be long until someone decides to do a dramatic stage adaptation of the musical, which then gets made into a miniseries, that culminates with a two-hour Movie Event, that ends with a teaser trailer for the big-screen adaptation starring Reese Witherspoon's daughter Gaghmi.
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In the name of God and all that is Holy, no more musicals of movies. PLEASE. Reefer Madness was the last of these I'll entertain for the next 20 years. I'm serious, you guys.

Even if this one winds up being OK.

I might allow Hairspray, however.
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Do they provide handguns at the theatre so that you can shoot yourself as the show gets deeper into it, or do you need to bring those yourself?
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Does anyone ever come up with new ideas for musicals? The Producers. Hairspray. The Phantom of the Opera. Les Miserables. Cats. All decades, and in some cases, centuries-old ideazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......
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Seriously, since it seems that all the bad ideas for musicals have already been done to death, why doesn't someone start using the good ones?
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Musicals are a bad idea.
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I'm so glad this show has moved on. The billboard ads were truly terrifying.
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Heh. What did they look like? The billboard in Times Square is pretty frightening (and the main girl is so cute, I'm not sure what they did to her face in the logo, but it is not good).
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If they can turn a Victor Hugo novel into a musical... anything is fair game, folks. Cannot stand musicals.
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Once more with feeling
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Can't believe I missed this thread.

I was HORRIFIED with having to suffer through the commercials for the Legally Blonde musical playing on tv here constantly. It was on billboards all over san francisco. It was on posters, the sides of buses... everywhere. And then when the reviews weren't bad, I realized I can never believe any theatre reviews in this town. Nobody can convince me that thing didn't suck. I refuse to believe. Sorry.
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