Least Wanted: A Century of Mugshots
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Least Wanted: A Century of Mugshots is a collection of authentic mugshots put together by Mark Michaelson. [via AT:NY]
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Whether line-up or meet-up, I can't take my eyes off people.
Thanks, g-moon.
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Is there room for one more?
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They won't get much info outta Lieselotta .
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I'm pretty sure she was a Carmen Sandiego villain.
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Lover her on "Tigerlily".
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Not mugshot thread is complete without Patrick Tribett, the gold paint huffing guy whose pic became a whole meme on Fark.
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An earlier post about this guy's terrific collection.
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They make great images for rasterbation.
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(I'll take "Loved her..." for fifty, Sigmund.)
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This is awesome. The lineups in particular.
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There but for the grace of God go we all.

More about physiognomic fallacies in the Crime Library article The Born Criminal:
...the mysterious connection between crime and physiology persisted. Cesare Lombroso, (1835-1909) was the next researcher to build upon the theories of Gall. Lombroso was an Italian physician who performed hundreds of post mortem examinations on criminals during the late 19th century. He noticed that many of these criminals shared some of the same physical characteristics. Lombroso compiled a list of these characteristics which included receding hairline, forehead wrinkles, bumpy face, broad noses, fleshy lips, sloping shoulders, long arms and pointy fingers. Lombroso associated these stigmata with primitive man.
OTOH, does crime truly have an ugly face?
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I have poured over these several times on his flickr account.
They are so heartbreaking to me.
To see these immigrants, boys and women and just imagine what thier lives were like and what the legal system was like for them.

There were a few I would love to have up on my wall.
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These are pretty fascinating. Although, this hair (and I'm guessing from weapons-grade's post that she's the photographer) reminded me of this hair, and I wondered what would happen if they had children.

(Snagged those This Island Earth images from DVD Beaver.)
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